These unique modes of transportation make India even more impressive!

Although there are various transportation modes that one can avail of but opting for these unique modes of transportation in India should not be missed that speaks volumes about its culture and history! So, check these out now!

With robust connectivity around the world, it is very easy to commute from one place to another. But does that mode of transportation in India have the same old and rustic charm as traditional and local transportation? The most common answer to it could be “no”. Being a popular and large country with various regions and towns, India is not only unique in its diversity but also in its unique modes of transportation. Take a look at some of these that still exist in our country to date!

1. Hand-pulled Rickshaws


If you are in Kolkata, there are high chances of coming across various old transportation modes and the most popular and unique, hand-pulled rickshaws. With the capacity for two people, such rickshaws are pulled by the hands of people through big and strong rods attached to the rickshaws. Even with the advent of trams, metros, and others, these rickshaws hold an important place in the ‘city of joy’!

2. Cycle Rickshaw


Cycle rickshaw is yet another mode of transportation, visible mostly in northern India, that helps carry two passengers at a time. Although one has to peddle the rickshaws just like cycles, it is no way less strenuous than hand-pulled rickshaws and can take people to the narrowest of localities.

3. Coracle


With a shape like a saucer, this is a unique transportation mode across small rivers and is made of grasses, reeds, and bamboo and is mostly seen in Southern India. People with much experience in making it, do not take a chance on safety and also coat it with resin or other materials. This mode can take up to 8 to 10 people depending on the size of the coracle, and one can see this at Tungabhadra River, around Hampi, and other Southern states.

4. Ferry


Not just for tourists, ferries have also been a great source of transportation for the locals of various regions like Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, and others. These are well-equipped boats with machines and engines and are available in the coastal areas of the country. The best part is that such ferries are safe as they also have life jackets for the passengers.

5. Animal Rides


Since the time of kings and emperors, animal rides have played an important role in transportation, and to date, there are several places where such rides are used for daily commuting and enjoyed by tourists. From horse rides in Murshidabad and Matheran, camel rides in Jaisalmer, and Yak rides in Sikkim to Mule rides in Gulmarg, these consist of important modes in India. Although many social organizations have been trying to seek a ban on this, there is no doubt that these animal rides help in the livelihood of many locals of these regions.

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