Let’s celebrate Diwali on the ghats and check out all about Diwali shopping in Varanasi!

Varanasi is one of the cities that uniquely celebrate Diwali, and if you want to be part of them, we suggest you also be part of the Diwali shopping in Varanasi along with the locals! We are sure you will have a great and happy Diwali!

It’s a mesmerizing experience to celebrate Diwali on Kashi Ghat of Varanasi, where thousands of diyas are lit to celebrate the festival! For all the Varanasi folks and the ones visiting there this Diwali, we have curated a guide to Diwali shopping in Varanasi so that you welcome and enjoy the festival with all your hearts and preparations! Have a look!

1. Diyas


Don’t forget to light diyas on the ghats of Varanasi, and for this, buy beautiful diyas in bulk from Kashipura Road, Mahavir Mandir Road, Dashashwamedh market area, Sigra markets, and Dalmandi Road market. You are certain to get decorative and designer diyas in various colours here!

2. Lights, lanterns and decorations


Get ready to make your home, Diwali-ready with beautiful lights, lamps and decoration items. Visit Vishwanath Lane for various decoration materials, and Godowlia market for unique artefacts and handmade decoration items. You can also visit the Gyanvapi market for various lampshades and the Golghat market for trendy home decor items. Further, don’t forget to visit Chowk and Urban Hatt for beautiful handloom products that can be used for home decor!

3. Puja Items


The religious place Varanasi invites many worshippers to the city and if you are going to be one of them, you must shop for the essentials from Godowlia market, which sells end number of religious artefacts and items. Visit Shivala Ghat market, Sangat Chetan Math market and Thatheri bazaar for all kinds of puja items like idols, flowers, accessories etc.

4. Clothes


Clothes consist of the important shopping during Diwali, and if you are in Varanasi, we suggest you buy the popular Benarasi saris here, which are available in almost every cloth market in Varanasi. Visit Vishwanath Lane for designer dupattas and saris, Golghar market for all kinds of clothing, Rajan Silk market and Mehrotra Silk Factory on Line Road for designer Benarasi saris and suits, Dal Mandi market for designer ethnic wear and dress materials.

5. Jewellery


Bring home some good luck by purchasing gold, silver, and diamond jewellery. You can head straight to Shivpur market, Godowlia market, Bulanala market and Bengali Tola market. Furthermore, you can also visit Lahurabir market in Varanasi for multiple jewellery shops.

6. Accessories


How about pairing the perfect accessories with your clothes? Well, for this, you will have to stroll through Thatheri Bazar for junk jewellery, Vishwanath Lane for designer bangles, Lahurabir market for unique accessories and Dal Mandi market for other essentials. So, check out these markets before selecting the perfect accessories for yourself!

7. Footwear


How about wearing beautiful handcrafted footwear this Diwali? Well, there are a lot of them in the Varanasi markets. Plan your visit to Golghar market for various types of designer footwear and Godowlia market for western-style footwear. You can also check out Gurubagh market, Orderly bazaar and Sigra markets for all kinds of traditional and western footwear for Diwali!

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