Indore folks, check out these sweet shops in Indore for Diwali!

Looking forward to a delicious Diwali? We have come up with these popular sweet shops for Diwali. So, have a look and start visiting these shops now!

The most we crave are the delicious sweet dishes and sweets during Diwali. While many love to make sweets at their home, some also prefer to buy authentic delicacies from sweet shops. If you come under the second category, let’s tell you that you have a lot of options in sweets with these popular sweet shops in Indore. So check out their sweets and get home your favourite!

1. Apna Sweets


One of the most popular sweet shops in Indore, Apna Sweets, has been quenching the sweet hunger of Indore for a very long time. You can not pass this away without tasting their Sohan Halwa, Dry Fruits sweets, Makhan Petha, Makhan Bada, Anjeer Cutlet, and much more. So, visit there and taste all of these before buying!

2. Mathurawala Sweets


A renowned name and one of the oldest sweet shops in Indore, Mathurawala sweets has been serving for more than 100 years. Their Bengali sweets are to die for, and if you are here, you must not forget to taste Malai Chap this Diwali! They are also popular for their Jalebis, so have a bite of it too!

3. Bhanwarilal Mithaiwala Indore


When it comes to delicious sweets, the people of Indore say – “Bhanwarilal Mithaiwala”! Among the best of their delicacies are Aam Paak, Bhanwarilal Ladoos, Badam Katli, and Bengali sweets. You will be amazed to know that this sweet shop was opened in 1945!

4. Jain Mithai Bhandar


One of the favourite places for Indore folks, Jain Mithai Bhandar, deals with a variety of mawa sweets like Safed Peda, Kesar Peda, Mathura Peda, Malai Barfi, Khopara Paak, Baloo Sahi, Dry fruit laddoo and much more. So, let’s spare some time and visit this sweet house before selecting the sweets!

5. Modi Sweets and Namkeen


The next most place to be visited for sweet cravings is Modi Sweets and Namkeen. Herein, you can find amazing Laddoos, Ras Kadam, Pedas and other traditional Indian sweets that you would not love to miss this Diwali!

6. JSK Sweets and Restaurant


From Jalebis, Rabdis, Dahi Bada, Ras Malai, and Rasgullas, to mouthwatering Barfis, JSK Sweets is the master of all sweets! So, this Diwali, just visit JSK Sweets and get home the authentic sweet celebration!

7. Ratan Sev Bhandar


This famous sweet shop named Ratan Sev Bhandar offers some unique sweets and items like Pudina sweets, Besan Chakki, Kaju Rose Katli, Fiki Feni, and Kiwi Delight. To try something even more new and exciting, try Aata, Jeera, and Ajwain Cookies! Perhaps, you can also gift these to your loved ones this Diwali!

8. Aaji Bai Sweets


While you walk around the lanes of Indore, your next stop should be Aaji Bai Sweets for good Indian sweets! From Rasgullas, Mawa, Peda and Rasmalai to Ladoos, this place is best for your Diwali sweet shopping!

9. Shree Baba Sweets


Located on Jail Road, Shree Baba Sweets is popular for their Rabdi Rasgulla, Malai Chaap, Heera Mani, Chena Roll, Gup Chup, Cham-Cham and others. We are craving all of these, are you? Then, don’t waste a second and visit this place now!

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