These grandparents-grandchildren-run brands are winning hearts with their bond!


Proving age is just a number and taking their relationship to an entrepreneur level, these grandparents-grandchildren-run brands are no short of an inspiration and motivation.

There’s something about our grandparents and their love for us that makes our bond with them magical and beautiful. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the ones who love and care for us even more than our parents and it’s indeed a blessing to have them around. To celebrate this bond in a Local Samosa style for this grandparent day, we decided to list down all the grandparents-grandchildren-run brands that have won our hearts with their venture.

1. Gujju Ben Na Nasta

Gujju Ben Na Nasta was started by Harsh Asher and his grandmother Urmila Jamnadas Asher during the lockdown in 2020. During the lockdown, when Harsh met with an accident and his shop shut down due to the same, he had lost all his hopes. But when he saw his ‘Dadi’ making pickles like usual, something struck him, and with this one thought, Gujju Ben Na Nasta was born. The pickles were such a big hit that it motivated this duo to sell snacks like Dhokla and Thepla and later proper Gujrati meals. Today, Gujju Ben Na Nasta is a popular name and is definitely one of our favourite grandparents-children-run brands.

2. Dadi’s Kitchen Tales

grandparents-grandchildren run brands

This small business was also started during the second wave of the pandemic when the guests at Gurdeep Soni Ji’s house insisted she starts her own home kitchen. The 87-year-old Gurdeep Soni was depressed due to the pandemic, and so when her grandson Kultejan Singh heard this idea, he decided to start Dadi’s Kitchen Tales. This duo and their family offer delicious Punjabi food cooked by Gurdeep Ji and have even organized food festivals at the local level.

3. Harbhajan’s- Bachpan Yaad Aajaye

Offering a 100-year-old delicacy, ‘Besan Di Barfi’ at the age of 94 with her daughter and granddaughter, Harbhajan Kaur also proves how dreams are not confined to age. Famous for her best-selling dish, barfi, Mrs. Kaur’s brand Harbhajan’s is also loved for her seasonal creations like Sharbat, Jams, Achars, Chutneys, and Halwa. Her granddaughter, Supriya, who is behind her social media presence, says that her Nani has been making besan ki barfi for more than eight decades and always dreamt of becoming self-sustained.

4. Caught Craft Handed

78-year-old Sheela Bajaj from Delhi is also winning hearts with her digital store, ‘Caught Craft Handed’ with the help of her granddaughter that offers a gorgeous range of headbands, scarves, sweaters, frocks, warmers, and potlis made with yarn. During the lockdown, Yukti realized how her grandma would often take yarn from her old sweaters to make products out of scrap and how only crochet could make her happy. She decided to open a small online store for her grandmother, and since then, there has been no going back for this dadi-poti duo.

5. With love, From Granny

Delivering hand-knit & crochet products since 2018, With love, From Granny was founded by 75-year-old Asha Puri and her granddaughter Kritika Sondhi. The duo initially got only 1-3 orders each day, but gradually with their hard work, consistency, and proper marketing, they were able to increase the demands. Today, their start-up is not only selling products but also generating employment for 16 other women and calls itself a social enterprise.

6. Boju’s Kitchen

Boju’s Kitchen was founded by a trio from Delhi that delivers some savoury momos all across the city. It all began when the 83-year-old Maiyya Thapa had to stay in Delhi a little longer due to the lockdown restrictions, and she couldn’t go back to her home in Darjeeling like every year. But, instead of lamenting and wasting time, she started steaming momos after her granddaughter suggested starting her venture Boju’s Kitchen. For the last two years, this trio Maiyya, Arati (Maiyya’s daughter), and Chitrangada (Maiyya’s granddaughter), have been selling multiple plates of momos every day!

7. Aapli Aaji

One Pav Bhaji recipe inspired Yash to start his Aaji, Suman Dhamane’s YouTube channel ‘Aapli Aaji,’ which today has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Seeing the love that people were showering on Aaji, the duo decided to take it even further and came up with their own Masala Range, ‘Aapli Aaji Masala, ‘ last year. This venture was another success, and the dadi-pota duo has received a lot of love for it.

8. Ammijis

Founded by 95-year-old Rajinder Kaur Chatha and her granddaughter Amrita, Ammiji is another example of how cool a Nani-poti relationship can get. The duo launched Ammijis on an online retail platform after Amrita got inquiries on her Facebook post, where she had mentioned her granny’s special chai masala. The brand started by selling chai masala and later expanded to pickles and the next best-seller, ‘Papadvadiyan.’ Currently, Ammijis is home to fragrant spices, laddoos, chutneys, jams, and more that are produced at Amrita’s home in Delhi. 

Which one of these grandparents-grandchildren-run brands did you find the cutest? Let us know in the comment section below.

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