Keep your beard game up with these beard care products from Ustraa!

Taking care of your beard can be a hassle at times but don’t worry, as these beard care products from Ustraa are here to make your grooming session all fun and games.

If you are someone who takes their beard game very seriously and believes it can really enhance the way you look and can give the needed confidence, then you’ve landed on the right page. We very well know how difficult it can sometimes get to groom your beard and what problems one can face if it is not done properly. Issues like patchy beard growth, itchiness, etc. can be terrible, and that’s why using a good product for your beard care is very important. To help you out with this beardiful problem, we suggest these four beard care products from Ustraa, a men’s grooming brand that has a solution for all your grooming problems and especially when it comes to your beard.

1. Beard Growth Oil 

beard care products Ustraa

Beard oiling is a legit thing to do. If your beard growth is slow, to nourish and help with the growth, try the beard growth oil. Ustraa’s beard oil is a mix of 8 natural oils and Redensyl®, a patent breakthrough molecule that works on the hair follicle stem cells. The oil has vitamins A, B, C, E, and K & essential fatty acids like omega 3 & 6. Try this, and your beard will thank you.

2. Beard Softener

beard care products Ustraa

Beard itching can be mild and sometimes can be very irritating. If you haven’t been taking care of your beard well, this problem can take up a serious turn and so it’s important to get rid of it. We recently came across wax and oil-based beard softener from Ustraa. This product can be a good solution for an itchy beard. Beard softener has mineral oil, paraben, and sulfate-free and which can help in having a healthy, nourished, and itch-free beard.

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3. Beard Wash 

beard care products Ustraa

The skin under your beard can get brittle and dry and can cause dandruff. Beard washing is necessary to hydrate and moisturize the hair for a healthy and full beard. If you are also tired of your beard dandruff, you can give Ustraa’s beard wash a try. The product is formulated with the goodness of prickly pear cactus extract, flax seed oil, and cedarwood oil.

4. Beard Wax


And if you are into beard styling, we are sure you know the importance of having a good beard wax. A good quality beard wax can give a firm stronghold to help tame your beard. Ustraa’s Mooch & Beard wax helps in a crisp and dapper shape. It will even help fight the scruffiness and frizz.

Other than these useful beard care products, Ustraa also offers a range of other male grooming products. To check them out, click here at

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