Visit book paradise and heritage with these old libraries in Mumbai!

We have come up with the old libraries in Mumbai. If you have not visited them even once, now is a perfect time!

For the bibliophiles, the most common interest could be the urge to visit the old libraries and stroll into the classics. While the vintage collection can be availed at even the newest libraries, the charm of exploring those in the oldest ones is something unmatchable. So, for the book lovers like you, we have curated a list of the old libraries in Mumbai!

1. Asiatic Library, Fort


The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, which was formerly called the Asiatic Society of Bombay, is one of those treasures you would not like to miss! From old manuscripts to the oldest magazines, you can find all of these here in this two-century-old library!

2. J.N Petit Library, Fort


Another old library in the Fort area of South Bombay is J.N Petit Library which is expected to have been built in 1856. The interiors of the library and the reading room still hold the beauty of the bygone era. The library has a dedicated place for the oldest scripts and papers!

3. Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library, Bandra


Once upon a time, this library used to be a hub of Marathi literature which would draw the patrons to the place. Built in 1981, the library still has a good collection of it. However, now, it attracts all kinds of readers to the site because of the inclusion of various genres both for adults and kids!

4. People’s Free Reading And Library, Marine Lines


The century-old heart of the folks of South Bombay is what this library stands for! It has excellent British and Indian publications that prevailed during the pre-independence era. Even if you pay a visit now, this late 1800s construction will likely help you peep into the glorious past! And let us tell you a secret, every book lover living in Marine Lines would have visited here!

5. David Sassoon Library, Fort


This heritage place has seen at least 150 years in Bombay, and this old yet robust structure, which people call, the “reading room and a library,” has also seen various historical events. Even during the Bombay riots, the doors of the library were open to the students. A visit here in the current times lets you admire the heritage building, the colonial interior, and a good collection of all genres!

6. Nehru Centre Library, Worli


The story of the 1977-built library is distinctive. It was opened in merely a 5,000-sq ft in the then and now Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai. It also functioned as a research center. After the revamp, the library opened at Worli’s Discovery of India building, with an audio-visual center and a coffee table corner! So now, books and coffee are possible under one roof!

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