Relish Japanese and Korean food at Kofuku, Powai with cherry blossoms around!

Kofuku powai

Mumbaikars, get a glimpse of Sakura Hanami this weekend and enjoy some piping hot Japanese and Korean food at Kofuku Powai because it’s worth the hype.

If like us, you also swear by Asian food and love sushis, dumplings, and ramen, the newly opened outlet of Kofuku in Powai will be the right place to head to this week. The staff greets you in Japanese, the ambience is aesthetic, and it actually is raining cherry blossoms in this pretty eatery. We recently dined at Kofuku Powai, and it turned out to be a good one. Keep reading to know what to order and what the buzz is all about.

Kofuku powai

A comforting vibe with Japanese elements

Even before we could knock on the glass door, the staff opened it and welcomed us with a huge smile, a bow, and then with a Japanese greeting, ‘irasshaimase‘ meaning welcome, please come in’. This warm welcome instantly made our day. The staff then gave us a moment to pick our table as there are options. You can opt for the traditional Japanese seating and eat at low dining tables and sit crossed-legged on the floor on cushions. If not, you can enjoy your meal in the cabana-styled area that’s breathtakingly beautiful and adorned with cherry blossoms.

Kofuku powai

Just like how Japanese restaurants often provide a small hot towel called an oshibori, Kofuku also does the same. You can wipe your hands with it to avoid a messy meal. From our table, the entire view of the space was pretty fun to see. There’s a small bar with a mural of a Japanese woman, quite a few tables in the middle, and a very pretty cherry blossom tree that leads you to the traditional Japanese seating area. For aesthetics and small Japanese elements, we give Kofuku all-stars. Now let’s head to the meal.

Kofuku powai

Lip-smacking Japanese menu

Since Kofuku’s specialty is Japanese food, we had to try the sushis and our favourite Gyozas. The staff suggested we go ahead with crispy avocado rolls, and trust us; they were really great. A refreshing taste with the proper crunch of panko, this roll was made with avocado, shiitake mushroom, and cucumber.

Kofuku powai

The non-vegetarians can go ahead with a plate of Prawn Gyoza, and it was definitely so well made. The flavours were well balanced, packed with meat, and were a treat for our tummies. It tasted great even after getting cold, so plus point for that.

A Korean kick

Kofuku powai

Kofuku also has a Korean menu, and since we were craving a hot bowl of black bean noodles, we tried their jajangmyeon. The noodles were chewy, just how we expected them to be, while the black bean sauce was rich. With sauteed chicken pieces, potatoes, and other signature vegetables, this bowl was like a big, warm hug. Order this because you won’t be disappointed. But, yes, if you want it spicy like the authentic one, feel free to tell this to the servers.

What’s for dessert?

Well, a meal at Kofuku won’t be complete without their signature Mochi ice cream that comes in two flavours- mango and vanilla. We loved how the chewy mochi had covered the ice cream, and it was indeed a very good combination.

In a nutshell, Kofuku in Powai is a great place to enjoy some amazing Asian food, ramen, sushis, and everything from Japanese cuisine in the beautiful ambience of cherry blossoms. The place is a little over-priced, but the vibe, taste, and especially the decor make it worth visiting. The staff here is absolutely a sweetheart and would be more than happy to help you out.
Special shout out to Gourab and Mohit for suggesting us the food.

Where: Kailas Banquet hall, Kailas Industrial Estate, HMPL Surya Nagar, Vikhroli West, Powai, Mumbai.
When: 12 pm to 3 pm / 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm
Price for two: Rs. 2,000 approximately.

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