Craving Asian food? Head to Foo, Andheri, Mumbai and dig in some real good Japanese, Thai, and other Asian dishes!

The popular Asian tapas resto-bar Foo has opened two new outlets in Andheri and Bandra. We recently dined in at their Andheri outlet that offers a gorgeous indoor as well as a cabana styled outdoor seating. The food is equally good and there’s a lot to choose from. If you don’t like waiting for your food and love Japanese, Thai, and Chinese, then plan a visit to Foo in Andheri.

The fourth Foo outlet in Andheri offers a combination of modern Japanese design and an aesthetic style of French architecture. The staff here is courteous, the menu is extensive, the service is quick, and 25 chefs work under the guidance of Chef Eric Sifu bring nothing but piping hot and flavourful plates to your table. So, if you are a fan of good Asian food, then this place is definitely for you! We recently had a delicious time in this resto-bar and here’s what we loved!!

We started off by ordering mocktails- Fantasy Island and Tom Yum Ice Tea and tried our chopsticks on the Uramakis! The first one was the veg sushi, Truffle Togarashi Black Rice Maki. This was a delicious mix of avocados, cucumber, Asparagus, and cheese. While the non-veg variant ‘Spicy Hamachi Maki‘ featured Tuna, avocado, Guacamole, and a slightly spicy cream sauce. Both the sushis were mild in flavour, fresh, chewy in the right way, and just what you need to start an Asian feast.

The next two on our table were a hot bowl of slow-cooked lamb chop soup and a spicy platter of Stir Fry Sichuan Lamb. The flavours that these two offered are surely going to stay in our taste memory forever. The lamb soup was creamy, salty, rich, and soul-warming. The meat was tender. The stir fry Sichuan lamb was another hit and had a lip-tingling Szechuan flavour. The boneless lamb pieces were soft and savoury. You have to try these two if you are a lamb fan!

Up next was the very crunchy vegetable Tempura that we loved munching on. It came with a wasabi mayo dip which did go very well with this deep-fried happiness. We also tried their Nikkei Style Chicken Gyozas, which came packed with juicy and tender chicken filling. These were good, but we feel could have been made crispier.

Our other favourite from Foo was the Pink Peppercorn Tofu. These delicious, crispy bite-size tofus were soft and flavourful. Sautéed with the stir-fried onions, chillies, and more in five-spice, this one was one of our favourites. There’s one more dish from the menu that we loved chewing more than anything. It was the Mushroom & Pepper Foo Bao that had a gorgeous golden and crisp exterior. The mushroom filling was saltier, richer, less sweet, and had a flavour of its own. It’s a must-try for everybody.

Foo Andheri


We feel the dim sums at Foo deserve a big shout-out. We loved how these delicate dumplings were wrapped so beautifully and were warm enough to soothe our souls. The first one was the Wasabi, Truffle & Edamame Dumpling. The detailing was so on point. The filling was rich and creamy, and we really appreciate the bottom placement of the edamame bean.

The Truffle Lobster Dumpling was another delight to bit on to. These mouthwatering dumplings were filled with a generous portion of lobster and were one good meaty bite. The hint of the truffle added to the entire experience, and we loved it!

Foo Andheri


After trying some fun and delicious options from the small plates and other sections, we then shifted to the main course and tried a piping hot bowl of Yellow Curry and Blue Butter Japanese Fried Rice. The creamy yellow curry was thick and packed with veggies like broccoli, water chestnuts, and peppers. While being true to its name, the gorgeous blue pea rice was blue and had crunchy stir-fried vegetables in it. We loved how chewy and sticky the rice was and couldn’t stop eating them.

Foo Andheri
Mount Foo-ji


If you have a sweet tooth and want something memorable, then we suggest you try Foo’s epic dessert platter, Mount Foo- Ji. This massive and truly Instagrammable platter features bite-sized Black Marble Sesame Cheesecake, Hazelnut Dome and Mango Pudding, Assorted fruits served with Hazelnut & Coconut Ice Cream. Our favorites from the platter were the cheesecake and the chocolaty and nutty Hazelnut Dome. Extra brownie points for how the staff served it in a gram-worthy way and was totally worth saving room for.

Overall, Foo is a chic, friendly and affordable place, offering an extensive variety of small plates including 100+ Chinese, Japanese, and mixed Asian cuisine.

Where: Foo Andheri, Morya Landmark 1, G-5, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai.
Price: Rs.2,000 for two.

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