Crawford market in South Mumbai and why it attracts a large crowd!

One of the major markets in South Mumbai, Crawford market is a prime attraction for the locals and the tourists alike for the end number of offerings.

Where does one not find the hustle bustle experiences amid the grand and ancient structures in South Mumbai? Almost every lane and corner of the southern part of the dream city is full of houses, markets, and crowds. But there is no doubt that many treasures lie within the whole congested part of Mumbai, and Crawford market is one of them.

For tourists, it appears to be a cultural site to be explored, while for locals, the market holds every other essential item from clothes to electronics and fruits to chocolates. Although South Mumbai does have a few other markets that attract the crowd, Crawford has to be one of the favourites that one can trust; when it comes to the variety of essentials.


The origin of the market goes back to 1871 when the British ruled the country. It is no hidden fact that the English built many structures and buildings in South Mumbai that exists till now, and the establishment of Crawford was one of them. It was designed by William Emerson and was completed in 1869, following which the operations started in 1871.

There were various unique things about the market. Initially, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Market was spread over an area of 72,000 sq yards. The frieze at the market’s entrance was enough to capture the attention, and the clock tower decked up with intricate Victorian carvings voiced the famous architecture of that time. Even the essence of Gothic architecture could be seen along with the wall paintings and murals on the exterior part. It is believed that the construction used the Kurla stone and ‘The red stone’ from Bassein.

The glimpse of the entire old structure can still be seen in the current times, with the building giving a tough competition to the time, paving the way for many vendors and shopkeepers. Moreover, it was the first market in India to get electricity in 1882. During this time, Britishers used to send their house helps to fetch some fresh veggies from the market.


Even though years and a century and a half have passed, the fresh fruits and vegetables still adorn the market, enticing the locals to buy them in bulk. The lanes are the busiest to buy these fresh items here in the Crawford market. Poultry is also sold here and mostly caught the attention of locals of the nearby places.

A lane that follows the market, ‘Mirchi Gali,’ includes small stores selling different spices. Some common findings include Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur chillies, Kashmiri chilli, Reshampatti chilli, Bedgi Mirchi, and a few common spices such as turmeric. All of these are offered at very nominal prices.

Another lane that has the heart of all the kids and stationery lovers is Abdul Rehman Street. Many shops deal with gift packing materials, wooden frames, stickers, wooden baskets, school stationery, canvases, paintbrushes, crafting equipment, and much more. Some of the popular stores one can check out here are Royal Sales Corporation, Supernova, East Coast, and New Bombay Stationery Stores.

Street Shopping Vibes


Talking of street shopping and not mentioning the clothes are sold at an extremely affordable price is just not possible. Even in the Crawford market, a large section can be seen selling printed suit and saree materials, casual t-shirts, tops and Kurtis, handbags, wallets, and sling bags. The jewellery available here ranges from rings, bangles, anklets, and nose pins, to earrings and watches and also speaks volumes about the trends and fashion in the city.

Essential household items like towels, bedsheets, cosmetics, and make-up items are another enticing factor for the locals and tourists alike. Why home decor lovers have a great time here is because the market sells an end number of antique and decorative items. Be it unique pastel-coloured cute home decor items including baskets, and unique mirrors, to dazzling disco-style curtains, stunning garden decor products are found here.


The shops like Gujarat Trunk Depot, which is no less than a gem in itself, and others like Kaka Hangers can be visited for good home decor and other essentials. For the kitchen materials and stuff, you may rely on the shops like Crystal Crockery. There are also various local and branded shops for various types of flowers. And, we believe you would also love to meet these florists!

While crossing the lanes, you may also find various repair shops for watches and other items. A few shops also offer their best collection of footwear, perfumes, soft toys, and more. As you move ahead to the Lohar Chawl, a whole other market full of dazzling lights welcomes you, and believe it or not, you are likely to be mesmerized by it! If you still don’t trust, just visit the Zenith Store and Athena Lights here.

For cravings


Like any other street market, even Crawford does not dissatisfy its patrons and offers terrific and relishing food like Biryani, North Indian, Gujarati, Mughlai, and more. A few are Badshah Coldrinks which excel in delicious faloodaas, juices and shakes, Gulshan – E- Iran for lip-smacking Biryani, seekh kebabs, and butter chicken. Trust Ustaadi for North Indian and B Bhagat Tarachand for dal tadka, lassi, and the old Shree Thaker Bhojanalay for Gujarati thali!

What one can not miss at the Crawford market is amazingly decorated dry fruits and their boxes that are even suitable to be gifted. Moreover, the market imports several candies and chocolates. You can find many stores selling these that also have local sweets and chocolates to meet your sweet tooth!

One thing is sure about the market is that it is an overall shopping package that comes easy and does not even pinch your pockets! Also, the plus point has to be the chance to see the vibrant colours and architecture of South Bombay!

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