Chocolate Museum in Ooty; a paradise for chocolate lovers!

The Chocolate Museum in Ooty displays an end number of chocolates ranging from premium to classic vintage that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones.

Chocolates are indeed a delight that suits almost all occasions. From birthday parties to weddings, chocolate enjoys a special privilege in the heart of guests. But have you ever thought of entering a whole big museum full of chocolates? Well, if not, let’s tell you about the famous M&N Chocolate museum in Ooty, which is the first of its kind in India!


Started in 2013, this museum has been a wonder for chocolate lovers. There are various reasons for it. Located in the quaint hill station Ooty, the scenes appear even more impressive with the fragrance of chocolates. Moreover, the place is a perfect destination to grasp the knowledge of chocolate-making, and for the same, most people love to pay a visit here.

Run by a local family of Ooty, a step-by-step procedure of chocolate-making is demonstrated to the visitors here. The museum houses models to describe the preparation of chocolates. One can see the journey of chocolates from cocoa brands to chocolate bars. Reportedly, one can also get their hands on chocolate-making as the DIY chocolate-making kit is provided to people who love to experiment.


Additionally, the museum best displays the tools and techniques used to make chocolates throughout the years. The guides here also make you aware of the history of chocolate-making, which dates back to 1500 BC, when the Mayans would make cocoa drinks from cocoa beans.

With just Rs 20 for the entry ticket, one can witness more than a hundred handmade chocolates on display. Coming across sculptures made of chocolates should also come as no surprise here. You can also browse through the posters and charts, instruments, and vessels that make one understand the whole process.


Apart from providing the knowledge of how chocolates are made, the museum also helps one grasp the origin of cocoa and how it is harvested, grounded, brewed, roasted, and blended – that consists of the entire process. The museum also sells an end number of chocolates that range from premium to classic vintage collections. To name a few could be dark almonds, dark cashew nuts, dark chocolate with crispy, dark raisins, dark plain, and more.

What blows one’s mind is the mannequin which has been draped with chocolate clothes! Can you even imagine that? It’s a reality there! Because of its uniqueness, the museum got the LIMCA Book of Records and the fact that it once made India’s longest chocolate bar!


While there are many perks to visiting the museum, especially for a chocolate lover, one interesting fact is that guests always get at least one complementary chocolate from the museum’s side. On the other hand, this place is heaven if you have to gift chocolates as you can present authentic and pure chocolates from this place!

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