Online workshops from 1st August to 10th August to check!

online workshops

Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these online workshops this week and upgrade your skills.

Explore these interesting online workshops and pick the one that suits you the best. Learn to make bubble candles, make burgers, or master your body language. Keep reading, as there’s a lot that you can do this week and be creatively occupied.

1. Burger and buns workshop by Cook and Plate

A perfect workshop for all the foodies and especially the burger lovers out there, this one will help you learn 7 different types of burgers and how to make them right. Get your buns rolling with Garima Sanadhya, a recipe developer and someone who keeps conducting online and offline cooking workshops.

When: 1st August
DM for details.

2. Thread bangle-making workshop by Crafty Needy

If you are team bangles and it’s one of your favourite accessories, then add some threaded ones to your jewellery box by enrolling in this workshop. Know how to make threaded and stone bangles, packing tips, drying process, and much more.

When: 2nd August onwards
DM for details.

3. Mandala workshop by Bharatiya Chitrakalaa

Try your hands on the beautiful art of mandalas and paint something pretty next week. Enroll in this 5-day colour mandala online workshop and be artistic.

When: 3rd August onwards.
DM for details.

4. Chocolate truffle workshop by Sumeru Creations

There’s something special about homemade chocolates, and so if you wanna learn the same, enroll in this fun chocolate workshop and learn how to make 15 types of truffle chocolates from Prasanna, who has taught over 25K people to date.

When: 3rd August
DM for details.

5. Modern Trousseau packing workshop by Vesture Academy

Trousseau packing is the specialized packaging for wedding gifts. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything about Trousseau, including draping techniques, Ginni box decoration, and much more.

When: 6th August
DM for details.

6. Body language workshop by The white Lily training services

Your body language says a lot about you and how you are feeling, and thus it’s important to master the art of the same. Meenakshi Gupta is a certified life- soft skill trainer, and she is conducting this workshop on positive body language. Best part? You can enroll at your convenience and fix a schedule when you are free.

When: As per your convenience
DM for more details.

7. Candle-making workshop by Blooe

If you are also a candle person like us, this workshop is for you. Learn to make bubble candles from Rrucha, who has taught over 8,000 people. Know how to make different types of candles, get PDF notes, and even a kit for the same. Enroll if you love candles.

When: 10th August
DM for details.

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