Eid-ul-Adha recipe to try this festival!

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Eid-ul-Adha recipes

Make this Eid-ul-Adha all about lip-smacking food and give these delicious non-veg and even veg recipes a try to make it even more mouthwatering.

Festivals are all about eating your heart out, and since Eid-ul-Adha is around the corner, we had to do a listicle on a few MUST TRY traditional recipes for this auspicious day, starting from breakies to the post-dinner Mithas of some yummy desserts. Keep scrolling to make these wonderful Eid-ul-Adha recipes as suggested by some of the best food bloggers and chefs.

1. Kaleji Tikka

Kaleji is a must-have breakfast dish and probably the very first thing to be cooked in any Muslim household on Eid-ul-Adha. The juicy and melt-in-mouth flavors of this dish make it one of our favorites and so do try this quick recipe.

2. Paarcha Masale

Another staple of Eid-ul-Adha, Paarcha is a meatilicious dish that's popular for its smokey and spicy taste. But, this year, give it a little twist and turn your regular paarchaas even more masaaledaar. Try this fun recipe and enjoy it with parathas or rotis.

3. Gola Kabab and Masala Boti Kebab

What's Eid-ul-Adha without some succulent kebabs? Keep your dastarkhwaan extra meaty with these gola kabab and Qireshi Kebab recipes made with minced mutton that are either shallowed fried or roasted in tandoor to enhance the flavors in it. We'll suggest going ahead with tandoor as the smokey flavors will be pure bliss.

5. Veg kebabs

We very well know it's Eid-ul-Adha, but these vegetarian kebabs are no less than the non-veg ones and will clean your palette in a lip-smacking way. Try out all these simple kebab recipes to add more options to your feast.

5. Mutton Biryani

There's no Eid without Mutton Biryani, and so here's this amazing recipe! It will take an hour or two, but the steps are simple and will be worth all your efforts. Pair it with some raita and kachoombar and enjoy a lavish feast.

6. Purani Dilli ki Nalli Nihari

Your menu will be incomplete without a piping hot plate of Nalli Nihari where the Nihari melts in your mouth. This dish is common and tastes extra delicious on the day of Eid-ul-Adha. Thus, cook this and eat it with laccha paratha or order some rumali rotis and enjoy!

7. White Mutton Korma

Well, all the starters and kebabs and biryanis are on one side, and eating garma garam chapatis with Korma is on the other. A korma can never go wrong, and almost everybody loves it. Try this white korma recipe if you are bored of the red gravies and add it to your dinner menu.

8. Desserts

After a hearty meal, it's time for something sweet, and both the above recipes are perfect for that. Make Umam Ali, which is an Arabian dessert, or go simple and make the Malai Roll. These two are sure to give you a sugar rush and so make them this festival.

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