Head to Habidade coffee shop in Noida for amazing coffee, good food, and a cozy ambience!


If you are a coffeeholic just like us, Habidade coffee shop in Noida can be your next favourite coffee spot. It’s a work-friendly place where you can also learn art, and sip some amazing coffee while devouring your favorite books.

Do you enjoy coffee? If yes, then you should head to Habidade coffee shop in Noida sector 104 as it offers an ideal environment for working, relaxing, enjoying live music, and spending cozy evenings. If you adore coffee and good food, and want to unwind after a stressful day at work, this Habidade can be a good option for you.

A place to work, make art, and read books

With a welcoming and warm vibe, Habidade is a good option to sip some coffee and work peacefully as the ambience is quiet and calm. The space is divided into 3 levels dedicated to nature lovers, workaholics, and artists. There are books, paintings, and greens around, making it a comfortable place to be in.

Level 0 features a wooden balcony and a live Barista counter, and this floor is definitely the heart of Habidade as it looks brilliant. It is referred to as the “Green Bubble.” On the other hand, Level 1 is ideal for those who want to work in a serene environment with plenty of natural light. There are plenty of wooden accents, books on the wall shelf, and a white and grey colour scheme. The “White Bubble” is the name of this beautiful floor. Level 2 is in the basement, and art lovers, musicians, painters, doodlers, authors, dancers, and anybody who wants to present their skills, must settle here. This floor is called the “Gold Bubble”.

Food talks! at Habidade coffee shop

Coffee is definitely a must-try here! Right from Espresso Tonic to Aeropress, V60, coffee shrub, Kombucha, and more, there’s a lot of variety in coffee to choose from. We tried the Espresso Tonic, which is a double shot of espresso over ice. We loved it, so feel free to place an order for that. If you are a sushi person, Yasai Avocado Sushi can be a good pick.

We also tried the Chefs Special Aglio Olio, which is made in pink sauce, tastes good, and is well presented. The beautiful pink colour makes it too pretty to eat! They also have a bakery where you’ll find classic desserts like the lotus Bischoff cheesecakebutter croissants, and brownies.

Other than just the food and great coffee, there’s more to this lovely cafe. The staff keeps conducting various art workshops, including pottery lessons and art classes, making it a must-visit.

Where: Habidade – Ground Floor, Yadhuvanshi Tower, Market, Hazipur, Sector 104, Noida
When: 11 am – 11 pm
Meal for two: Rs 500

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