Robots are serving at the Yellow House Restaurant in Noida, making it a must-visit!

Noida has been taken over by robots! Well, not the entire Noida but a particular place in the city! The Yellow House, with its robot waiters, is here to provide you with a futuristic dining experience.

Robots were once considered a thing of the future. However, these mechanized individuals have gradually taken over various industries. Their prominence in Indian restaurants is still very new, and Noida is among the very few cities where robots are working and getting all the attention. The Yellow House is a Rajasthani-themed restaurant where two robots appear and serve food to your table.

Meet the robotic duo Ruby & Diva

This Rajasthani-themed eatery features two artificial intelligence-powered robots named Ruby and Diva. The moment you enter the restaurant, you will see them wearing a patterned scarf around their neck, a yellow jacket, and glowing red eyes. The robots are powered by AI-based technologies that their creators have patented and look just great!

The robotic duo requires 2-3 hours of charging after which they can function for more than 12 hours. Waiters (the human ones) enter the table number to the robots through a remote sensor, and the robots then make their way to the customers with the food. Google navigation is also used in this entire process to help the robots with directions.

Ambience & Food

The ambiance is a combination of classic and modern. One section has a Rajasthani decor with kathputlis on the wall with some interesting paintings, while the other has a modern bar setup. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines. Tandoori meals and Rajasthani Thalis are the restaurant’s specialties. They also offer a special combo known as The Yellow Platter, which includes a dish known as Ruby’s Favorite.

Owner Jiishu Bansal says they were thinking about getting into the food and beverage industry for a long time and learned about the concept of a robot restaurant after doing some research.

We couldn’t help but record everything because it was so entertaining to watch them serve the food. But how do they function? The human waiter will take your order, but it will be served by the robots. When the food is ready, the waiter will enter your table number into a tablet (smartphone), and place the food on the trays that are fixed in their hands and the Robots will then take it from there to the tables. Following the order instructions, the robot begins its journey to the tables following a track route.

This multi-cuisine restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisines. Try their Chandni Chowk Ke Chole Bhature, Nachori Nachos, Kung-Fu-Bhel, and other delectable dishes! But what we loved more than the food was this iconic robotic duo and how they did their job. If you happen to be in Noida, not visiting this eatery would be a big miss and so plan a robotic meal here this weekend.

Where: The Yellow House Robot Restaurant – Hazipur, Sector 104, Noida
When: 11 am – 11 pm
Meal For Two: Rs 1,400

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