Check out these environmental enthusiasts on Instagram to learn about sustainable living!

environment enthusiasts on Instagram

Let’s do the earth a favour and start living sustainably. So, follow these environmental enthusiasts on Instagram and learn environment-friendly tips and a lot more.

Know how to compost your waste, replace plastic with something eco-friendly, and everything that leads to a sustainable and zero-waste life as these environmental enthusiasts on Instagram are promoting easy and better ways to make the earth happier!

1. Nayana Premnath

Nayana is a TEDx speaker and makes content about zero-waste life, and slow fashion, veganism. Her feed is a good mix of ways to be zero-waste, recycling, waste segregation, and more. Follow her to take a sustainable step.

2. Vani Murthy

Vani Murthy is also a TEDx speaker, composting enthusiast, urban farmer, and waste management practitioner and she is working to adopt a low waste lifestyle. Her reels are so much fun to watch where she talks about food, composting, sustainability, and many such interesting things. And so, check her feed to know what we are saying.

3. Soumya

Soumya promotes low waste living, composting, and slow fashion. Her posts are informative and pretty useful for beginners. Follow her to know more composting tips & its process, zero-waste myths, recycling, and more.

4. Megha Pandey

Megha’s feed is an amalgamation of low-waste ideas, package-free DIYs, and sustainable, natural, and simple eco-living information. She will help you not just make your own shampoo with discarded rice water but will teach you how to segregate home waste and many such sustainable things. So, do follow her to be environment friendly!!

5. Pankti Pandey

Pankti Pandey is a scientist and a TEDx speaker who believes in minimalism and is working towards creating a conscious community. Her feed is informative and she adds fun and humour to them by using memes and relatable scenarios.

6. Juhi

Juhi’s feed is a little too adorable as she makes videos with her kids. She makes content about a zero-waste lifestyle, gentle parenting tips, as well as homeschooling. Follow her for cute and informative videos and march towards sustainability.

7. Kriti Singh

Kriti posts about easy and practical eco-friendly ideas and tips for sustainable living. You will find her talking about alternatives to everyday plastic products as well as promoting low waste. So, do check her feed and learn fun tips.

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