Head to The Yellow House in Jaipur, where a robot, aka Ruby, will serve your food!

The Yellow House, aka the Robot restaurant in Jaipur, is making headlines for all the right reasons! It’s a place where a robot serves food to your table, and trust us, she is a sweetheart!

Jaipur is one foodilicious city, and has many cafes and restaurants in almost every nook and corner. The Yellow House is one such eatery and has something very unique for its visitors. Imagine sitting in a restaurant and instead of human waiters, receiving your food from a robot! Yes, you read it right! At The Yellow House in Jaipur, your food will be served by a robot named ‘Ruby’, and trust us, she is marvellous. It was one hot afternoon, and we were very hungry, so decided to grab a bite at The Yellow House. The decor of this place is gorgeous and almost as good as the food! But the star of the entire experience, of course, was Ruby, a robot that served food at our table.

A robot that’s always camera ready!

Ruby, the robot follows a certain pathway that is laid out on the wooden floor and serves every table with the order details she has been provided. Ruby’s eyes light up when she’s serving. Once she reaches the table, she politely asks the customer to receive their order and to touch her hand to let her know that the food has been received.

Watching Ruby do her job was so much fun! Ruby is donned in a painted yellow jacket in theme with the restaurant’s name, and she also wears a real cloth scarf. Her body is white and painted in such a way with yellow that it looks like she is wearing a yellow jacket. Don’t forget to click a lot of selfies with her as she is always camera ready!

What do we think about this unique establishment so far?

The blend of technology with the food was a unique experience and is the USP of this cafe. There is a certain charm to witnessing two very different fields merge together, i.e., food and technology. Ruby has two trays on which the chefs place the food, and then she delivers it to the tables following a train-like pathway. The place is quite beautiful as well, especially the contrasting decor that goes so well with the theme. The place gets its name, The Yellow House, due to the association of the colour yellow with hunger; a fun fact shared by the owner of this establishment. Since we were not very hungry, we decided to get one dish and got the Indian Platter by recommendation of the staff, along with a Pink City Special Shake and Virgin Mojito.

Our food picks from the Menu!

The Indian platter included Hara Bhara KebabsPaneer Tikka, and stuffed Aloo; served with refreshing green chutney, which was delicious, and paired with the hot kebabs and paneer. The stuffed aloo was soft and pillowy and the flavours were well balanced. The paneer was yumm, and the Hara Bhara Kebabs were a delight to eat as well. The Pink City Special Shake was a good sip and you should try it as well!

The yellow house

So, Overall we think it’s a great place to relax and hang out with friends and family. Ruby is definitely the center of attraction here and the uniqueness of the experience.

Where: Silver Square Mall, next to Raj Mandir Cinema, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur
Timings: 11 AM–11 PM
Price: Rs. 900 for two people (approx.)

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