Concoctions: Indo-French eatery in Jaipur will give your stomach some food butterflies!

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, book a table at Concoctions: an Indo-French eatery in Jaipur, for the perfect date. Good food, garden seating area, exciting menu, warm hospitality, and romantic vibes make this eatery a must-visit for Valentine's Day.

The Foodie Devi, Jaipur's very own food and travel blogger, shares her review about the pretty Indo-French eatery, called Concoctions in Jaipur. Dr. Radhika Agarwal, a.k.a The Foodie Devi, is a dentist by education and a full-time digital content creator by passion and profession. She found this eatery a few months back when she came across Concoctions' Instagram page.

Dominique and Nandini's 'love child'


Source: The Foodie Devi

Concoctions in Jaipur is a passion project of its owners, Dominique & Nandini. And as they call themselves 'the drama queens', they call Concoctions as their 'love child'. Dominique is a Michelin Star Chef from France and curates delicious French delicacies, and Nandini cooks amazing South Indian Food. Their aim behind this place is pure love. "The most unique thing about this place is that they have a new menu every single day and the ambience is very homely, peaceful and welcoming", comments The Foodie Devi, pointing out what makes Concoctions different from other eateries.

Valentine's Day special menu

In her recent Reel, The Foodie Devi tells us about Concoctions' special menu for Valentine's Day, 12th and 13th February 2022. And she tells us about some of its interesting dishes like Heart-shaped pizzas, Valentine Saint Honoré, Strawberry Tiramisu, and many more. You can call to reserve a table.

Concoctions and cost factor


Source: The Foodie Devi

Further, Dr. Radhika says, "I have been to this place many times in the last few months and always had a lovely experience. The warm hospitality of the staff, the fresh and scrumptious food makes me go back to this place. I always overeat whenever I visit this cute little place." She also gives her review about Concoctions' cost factor, critically saying, "I would say that the approximate pocket pinch for two people would be ₹800. Their food and desserts are moderately priced, however the beverages are a bit on the expensive side."

The Foodie Devi recommends


Source: The Foodie Devi

The Foodie Devi's classic favourites from here are Croissants, Chocolate Ganache, Shakshuka, French Toast, Dosa, and Orange Tiramisu. She loves this place's whole concept and the way the owners run this place with so much love and passion. She says, "they pay attention to every little detail and are extremely spontaneous. Infact, they’ve now decided to move Concoctions to Mussoorie next month. So people and tourists of Mussoorie are going to get really lucky soon!"

If you are looking for a quiet eatery with exotic food to plan your V-day date, Concoctions is the place. You can call to book a table for dine-in, self-pickup food, or just order some goodies home. So, check out his Indo-French eatery in Jaipur and treat yourself to some good food.

Where: Kamal Niwas, Naru Path, Govind Marg Opposite Zari, Near, Narayan Singh Rd, Near Trimurti Circle, Jaipur

Call to make reservations or orders: +91 8306665357 or order on Zomato

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