Fix your chicken cravings at Poult in Lower Parel and dig in crispy fried chicken, and everything delicious!

If fried chicken is your game and biting on messy burgers is your aim, here’s a new place for you in Lower Parel, it’s called Poult and it’s a must-visit.

Serving all things chicken and more, Poult is a newly opened eatery in Lower Parel that is here to fix all your chicken cravings with juicy drumsticks, moist tenders, cheesy burgers, hearty rice bowls, and a lot more. We recently did a Chicken(ese) visit to Poult and loved the vibe it offers. With chic red decor, chicken puns on its walls (including a very cute LED chicken light decor), a courteous staff, good mocktails, and more, Poult is a must-visit. Keep reading to know what we loved here and what you should eat if you are here.

Everything fried and nice!

The menu is pretty extensive and is all fun to go through. If you are here with fellow chicken lovers and want a crispy start, we’ll suggest you try the massive Chicken Poult Platter. It comes loaded with wings, drumsticks, tenders, and potato wedges. The crunchy chicken pieces were worth all the hype (even worth doing an ASMR) and were juicy, moist, and perfectly tender. The tenders and the drumstick were our favorites from the lot. And this platter was definitely all about the crunch, big bites, and a lot of chicken!! Surely a must-try even if you are a slow eater as the pieces remained crunchy even after a long time(Saying this because we bought some for the chicken lovers at home as well). This platter is enough for 3 people and is priced at Rs. 499, which we think is pocket-friendly.

Burgers, bowls, and more

Another must-try and in fact, something even better than the fried chicken was Poult’s Gourmet burgers, and especially the Cheese Burst. Unlike your regular burgers where the buns are cut in half, this one had the filling inside the entire bun and was packed with a creamy, cheesy, and a very tangy filling of shredded chicken, pickles, and tomatoes. If you are someone who takes their bread and buns seriously, the quality of the burger buns here will surely impress you.

The wraps too, are worth-trying, and the one we liked the most was the Spinach & Mint tender grilled. The minty flavours were refreshing, while the green tortilla made it look pretty enough for the Instagram feed. This is a must-try if you are craving something filling yet light.

We ended this chicken feast with a bowl of Chicken Kiev with Mushroom Ragout, and this dish was a treat to bite. The Risotto-styled rice was creamy and topped with 3 pieces of chicken Kiev. It was a good combo, but we felt the chicken could have been more buttery as the highlight of Chicken Kiev is the herby, and buttery flavour and this bowl was kind of missing out on that. But we still liked it and wouldn’t mind ordering again ( as the rice did win our tastebuds). Besides the food, Poult also offers some fab beverages, including Mojitos, iced teas, bubble teas, juices, and shakes. The salted caramel is something you shouldn’t miss.

To sum up, Poult is a great and affordable place for everybody who has OCD (Obsessive Chicken Disorder :D). And is craving some crispy fried chicken and filling burgers.

Where: G 15 Ground Floor, Grand Zone, Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: 12noon – 11:30pm 
Price: Rs.600 for two

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