BR O’Pao in Surat is selling ‘Ulta Vada Pav’ and it looks totally drooling!

Two ladies in Surat are serving a unique rendition of the classic Mumbai dish Vadapav by substituting the pav with bread and frying it! This unique take on an iconic dish is winning the hearts of everyone in Surat as well as on the internet. Check out BR O’Pao in Surat to try this unique dish!

Vada Pav is a very popular snack and many restaurants have tried their own twist on this much-loved dish. But a BR O’Pao in Surat took it to another level where a mother-daughter duo is serving fun renditions of Vada Pav like Cheese burst Vada Pav and even something quirky called Ulta Vada Pav! Kaafi ulta phulta haina?


Bhavya, along with her mother, runs a vada pav stall, and she started this as a passion project after her graduation. She wanted to open a Vada Pav stall as it was her grandmother’s wish as well. And so, Bhavya’s passion for starting a business of her own and her mother’s support resulted in this unique fusion stall. This establishment is quite popular, and they are almost always out of stock before time!

Special Ulta Vada Pav at just Rs. 55

BR O’Pao offers a variety of snacks on their menu, but the Ulta Vada Pav and Cheese burst Vada Pav is probably the most famous ones here. The Ulta Vada Pav has the base of two pieces of white bread that are cut into circles. After which the green chutney is smeared evenly on one side and then the garlic and chili chutney on the other. However, the highlight of this Ulta Vada Pav is dry chutney that is sandwiched along with a slice of cheese. After this, the outer sides get a generous amount of potato masala; the whole thing is then dipped in besan and fried till golden brown! Everything is topped off with mayo, cheese, and chaat masala. Sounds mouthwatering right?

This place is quite popular among food bloggers and the most loved snack is definitely their Ulta Vada pav. It has become quite a sensation in the city because of its taste and uniqueness! The Cheese Burst Vada Pav is another bestseller and looks totally drooling. The process of this cheesilious Vada Pav is almost exactly the same except for the cheese slice in the middle of the Vada making it a cheesy ball of goodness!

Where: BR o Pao Outside Pal RTO, Opp- Rajhans Cinema, Pal, Adajan, Surat.
Timings: 3:00/3:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Price: Rs.55

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