Summer fashion trends to note from fashion content creator from Delhi, Kapil Kumar!

To ease your struggle with summer fashion and trends, we have got some tips from a popular fashion content creator Kapil Kumar for you. Let’s check out his styles and listen to what he has to say!

With the vibes of summer all around, we are sure you would have made up your mind to change your wardrobe collection! After all, it’s time to fight the heatwave with comfort. Adding a tint of bright colours with printed clothing has always been a favourite for many during summers who love to go easy and breezy. But are you one of those who are still confused about selecting the right picks for you? Well, in such a case,¬†Kapil Kumar¬†comes to a rescue who is sharing his favourite summer fashion and trends!

1. Florals are a must

Not only do we believe that summers are meant for florals but also does this popular fashion content creator. Hence, for the first style, he chose to wear a floral shirt from Bear House India. Kapil says, “One trend that can never be outdated is florals. One can choose either big or small floral print clothing for this summer.” As Kapil styled the shirt with blue denim, we believe, he has totally aced it!

2. Go light and airy with linen

Most of us search for comfortable options in summer and according to Kapil, nothing can be matched with the comfort of a linen shirt. The Delhi-based creator styled his yellow linen shirt from Snitch with denim and says that one can pair it with both jeans and shorts. “Linen is a good fabric for summers and is easy to carry. The best part about the fabric is that it feels airy,” he adds.

3. Why say no to body fits?

If you are among the ones who love to wear body and muscle-fit t-shirts, Kapil has a good pick for you too! In this style, he has picked up an orange-colour tee from Van Heusen to pair it up with denim jeans with low-ankle sneakers and a bag from Dein Kleider to complete the look. “Flaming orange muscle-fit tee is all about your new style statement this summer along with the fanny pack where you can keep your essentials!” he says. 

4. That baggy look

The baggy look was never out of trend. For a long time, it has been a favourite, and keeping this in mind, Kapil wore this baggy shirt with black and white stripes and completed the look with black joggers, going all monochromatic with this style. “You must not hesitate to wear shorts and slippers with your baggy shirts, as together, they make a perfect combination for summers,” the 26-year-old says.

5. Summer is also for summer suits

It is obvious that you can’t escape your friend’s wedding in summer. In such a situation, the best is to listen to Kapil, who loves to wear suits in all seasons. Even for summers, he prefers suede fabric suits to carry the royal look. Herein, he wore a blue coloured suede fabric suit designed by Gargee Designer from Delhi and added the floral print touch with his tie to give it a complete summer look. In his words, “We have a tendency to call it velvet suit, but it is actually called ‘suede’ and is best for summer parties.”

While Kapil Kumar talked about these styles in detail, he also did not forget to mention how “comfort” plays a great role and how one should keep that as the basic criterion for deciding the outfits. We can not disagree!

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