Jitesh Arts in Jaipur sells handcrafted gemstone paintings that are popular all over the world!

Jitesh is a brilliant artist from Jaipur who makes beautiful paintings on glass by layering crushed gemstones on it! Tourists from all over the world visit his place to learn the craft and Indian culture.

Jitesh creates beautiful paintings by starting on plain glass with black outlining, and then he layers crushed gemstones on it to create a masterpiece. The paintings from the back look blurry, but from the front, it looks beautiful, and they are truly one of a kind. Tourists from all over the world used to visit Jitesh through a portal and buy his paintings, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, Jitesh has started selling digital prints to make ends meet.

Jitesh’s father is the one who taught him this art, his father started an art gallery called the Miracle Art Gallery, and now Jitesh is the one carrying the torch. He wishes to make Jitesh Arts a brand, and for that, he started learning about social media. A lot of the tourists who visited him became his friends and started an Instagram account for him. He is learning and evolving every day as an artist to fulfill his father’s as well as his own dream.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, a lot of homegrown businesses and local artists suffered, and Jitesh was one of them. He had to earn money to feed his family, which is why he started selling digital prints. His gemstone paintings are expensive, and not a lot of locals invest in art. All of his artworks take a lot of time; after taking a look at them from afar, they look like color paintings. From up close, we realize the different gradients come from shiny gemstones.

Jitesh is a talented artist for sure who is very knowledgable and loves to talk about Indian Culture and Art. Many of the tourists became his friends. He was able to sell his art pieces in other countries through them. He tried online exhibitions, but because the artworks are made on glass, which is why it’s difficult to transport and ship them. Talking about the challenges faced by artists in India; Jitesh tells us about how there is little to no support for artists. He even had his passport made to leave the country but never could do it because of financial problems.

Talking about his journey, he recalls how he used to walk around and approach tourists to sell his artwork, but due to scammers, he was not trusted much. Out of 100 people, 10 would trust him and buy his work, and those people became his friends. His friends suggested CouchSurfing, Online selling, and creating social media accounts which helped him a lot. Jitesh Art Gallery is an off-beaten hidden gem of Jaipur. Google maps might not be able to reach it correctly, but it is a must-visit place. The place is a heaven for all the art enthusiasts out there because what is life without art!

Visit Jitesh’s art Gallery to witness some beautiful art and the Rajasthani hospitality as well because it is impossible to deny that! 

Where: Jain Mandir, 303, Lal Ji Sand Ka Rasta, Chaura Rasta, Papliyan, Jaipur

Contact: 087418 19167

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