Upcoming online workshops: Add a new skill to your list!

upcoming online workshops

Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best possible way. Sign up for any of these upcoming online workshops and make the most out of your spare time.

Explore these interesting online workshops and pick the one that suits you the best. Learn palette knife painting, make chocolates, or try your hands on paper cutting art! Keep reading, as there‚Äôs a lot that you can do this week with these upcoming online workshops.

1. Paper cutting workshop by Genie Crafts

Paper cutting is the art of paper designs. Learn its basics in this online workshop where you’ll know everything about the paper cutting knife, mat/glass surface, and how to take the printouts of the provided template.

When: 17th April
Contact: 9819048334

2. Resin clock workshop by The Art Store Resin 24

The Art Store is a resin and mold manufacturer and offers a gorgeous range of resin products. Next week, they are conducting an online workshop on Sunday, where you can learn how to make your very own resin clock. Register and master techniques of mixing and pouring the resin at home.

When: 23rd April
Contact: 91 7984869507

3. Palette Knife painting workshop by VARNAASTRA

Palette knife painting is an impasto technique of applying paint to canvas by using a painting knife. 19th-century popular painter, Vincent van Gogh, was the artist who was known to use the method. If you are into painting, why not take it a level up and learn this technique? Enroll, understand, and make your own version of the starry night!!!

When: 24th April
DM for details.

4. Chocolate making workshop by Chocolate Confetti Mumbai

Hey there chocolate lovers, we have something for you! Register in this online workshop and learn 15 flavours of chocolates at home. You will also receive a certificate, and access to videos and recipes notes will be provided after the workshop.

When: 23rd April
DM for details.

5. Dot Mandala workshop by Mamta Shahani

Mamta is an artist and an art educator, and she is conducting this online workshop on dot Mandala art and all its basics. Enroll if you adore this artwork and make your day creative with this informative and colourful dot mandala workshop this month.

When: 27th and 28th April
Tap here for details.

So, what are you even waiting for? Enroll in these upcoming online workshops right away!

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