5 artisanal tea brands that you should check out if you love brewing some Chai!

Make your way for fresh, premium quality, artisanal tea blends that are not just refreshing but also a healthier alternative to your regular milk tea. Check these artisanal tea brands and enjoy a satiating cup of tea.

If you know a tea lover or you are planning to sip some new flavors, then here’s a list of 5 artisanal tea brands that you should definitely check. Sip some handcrafted blends with exotic ingredients and flavours to take your tea experience to another level.

1. CelesTé

 artisanal tea brands

CelesTé is a luxury brand specializing in exquisite artisanal teas. It offers whole leaf teas which are hand-blended and are sourced from estates across the country. Try their white, oolong, black, and green tea to enjoy a heartwarming sipping session.

2. San-cha Tea Boutique

 artisanal tea brands

The San-cha tea claims to have launched India’s first gourmet tea store in Delhi in 1981. They offer a variety of teas ranging from healthy white and green to sweet & spicy oolong Teas and aromatic Black Teas. Other than 100 different types of blends, this brand also offers tea-infusers, English tea kettles, trays, tea sets, and more to make your tea time fun.

3. No.3 Clive Road


This tea brand specializes in hand-blended teas, letter-pressed stationery, and bespoke locally produced accessories. Explore different eras while sipping their blends, like Aurangzeb Blend, which goes back to Mughal Delhi and oozes flavours of rose and jasmine. Or try the Jodhpur Blend that will soothe your tastebuds with its blue cornflower petals, or go ahead with the evergreen Kashmiri Kahwa!

4. Stories By Satori


Satori is another artisanal tea brand that aims to promote the tea drinking culture in our country. It offers a range of Indian-origin loose-leaf teas sourced directly from family-run estates across the country. Pick various flavours such as lavender, citrus, pure green, rose, and more from seven different boutique teas and maybe gift it to someone who adores tea as much as you do.

5. Dancing Leaf

 artisanal tea brands

Dancing Leaf claims to offer an all-natural, exotic, and ever-growing product range of fine artisanal teas, teaware as well as luxury giftware. They have a collection of over 50 global teas, including oolong teas such as Dong Ding, Baozhong, Gyokuro, and Genmaicha from Taiwan, China, and Japan. Check them out if you are on a hunt for new flavours.

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