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From Portraits to painless designs, get inked by these tattoo studios In Bengaluru now!!

If getting inked is on your bucket list and you want something cool, aesthetic, or fun on your body, then you've landed on the right page baby as these tattoo studios in Bengaluru are inking people perfectly. You show them anything and they will turn it into a flawless tattoo. It's time to ink your body and get your favourite things, people, characters, or anything on yourself.

1. Handpoke Tattoos

Handpoke Tattoos is an expert at inking people and has a feed that looks just great. The detailing and the neat work makes him one of our favorites. They are also the founder of the Bioserp Hemp Balm which is a multi-purpose healing balm that helps with the swelling and bleeding when you are getting your tattoo.

2. Verve Tattoo Studio

Verve Tattoo Studio is a tattoo & piercing shop and their portrait tattoos will leave you in awe! Their designs are great and so are their tattoo artists. They currently have 4 artists and each one of them is equally talented and skilled. Check them out if you want a human face on your body.

3. Dark Arts Tattoo Studio

Founded by Pradeep Menon, Dark Arts Tattoo Studio is also another good option for getting inked. He has even inked Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez and is definitely a pro at his job. We'll suggest you check his coloured tattoos before deciding on a pattern

4. Xtreme Tattoo Studio

This tattoo studio offers services like permanent Ink, body piercing, tattoo removal as well as tattoo training. Get a photo-realistic tattoo from them as they do an amazing job with it and can basically ink anything perfectly.

5. Aliens Tattoo Bengaluru

Though Aliens Tattoo is originally based in Mumbai, it has also opened a store in Koramangala in Bengaluru. They are a well-known tattoo studio, and their artists are skilled in a range of styles like dot work, illusion, realistic, hyper-realistic, and surrealism. They sure do put a lot of thought behind every tattoo design and if you have any doubts, check their Instagram feed to know about their feedback from clients.

6. Skindeep

Skindeep houses 10 artists who are specialized in different tattoo styles and we can see that. They do colour tattoos, realistic portraits, and many more styles just perfectly. Also, if you are an anime fan, you will be more than happy to see some familiar faces on their feed. Check them out if you are looking for a cover-up or even portraits and greyscale.

7. Machu Tattoos 

Machu Tattoos was started by Suresh Machu, who was working as a Business Analyst at Microsoft. Later on, due to his passion for art and tattooing, he left his job and started Machu Tattoos. Today he has 6 branches in the city and has various tattoo themes for you to pick from to get inked. They've also won many awards, and their work looks amazing.

8. Kraayonz Tattoo Studios

Founded by one of the best Indian tattoo artists, Sameer Patange, Kraayonz Tattoo Studio, has studios in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. They have been inking people for more than 18 years now and are well known for their abstract, colour, dot work, and blackwork tattoos.

9. Inkadelik Tattoos

Inkadelik Tattoos are popular for creating some very interesting pieces in different styles. From 3D to minimalistic, blackwork to illusion, this studio doesn't miss out on any tattoo type. They are also good at doing realism and hyper-realism tattoos and that makes them a good place to head to.

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