Being Animal Foundation: A no-profit medical centre to give street animals a fair chance at life!

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Being Animal Foundation: A no-profit medical centre to give street animals a fair chance at life!

On the occasion of NGO Day, we are talking about this newly opened non-profit medical centre Being Animal Foundation in Mumbai, where you can take injured stray animals for medical treatment and homely care! Have a look!

Walk on any street in Mumbai, you will see a happy clutch of strays prancing around all day, sometimes greeting a few pedestrians along the way. Some of them are well taken care of by animal lovers, shops, and restaurants that feed them. However, we also come across injured strays or undernourished animals mostly abandoned by their owner, living on the street, with no one to care for them once old or injured. Keeping in mind such unfortunate situations, the Being Animal Foundation (BAF) has been opened to take care of these street animals.


Based in Santacruz, one can reach out to BAF’s no-profit state-of-the-art medical centre after coming across stray animals in need. The major aim of the centre is to assist rescuers and feeders help animals at affordable pricing that generally hesitate to aid due to affordability issues.

The Trustee of Being Animal Foundation, Ashwin Sheth says, "I am an animal lover at heart and have aspired to play a part in protecting and safeguarding street animals. The efforts and progress that this foundation has been making are commendable and I trust to see my dream of helping maximum animals come true through BAF and Dr. Deshmukh.”


The no-profit BAF clinic is housed with an OPD, Surgical Unit, Lab, and post-operation facilities, that can take care of most needs that are essential in providing stray animals with the best care possible. They also provide an ambulance service from Bandra West to Andheri so rescuers, feeders, and volunteers, can help the animals reach the BAF clinic in time. Not just that, the clinic feeds stray animals in the nearby areas daily to keep them healthy and happy.


The clinic’s cost for examination and basic treatment for stray and pedigree animals is 50% off. Additionally, pet parents with adopted indie animals and rescuers coming in with indie animals can avail treatment at additional discounted prices.


Dr. Deshmukh, who will be taking care of the injured animals, says that his only mission is to save as many animal lives as possible, irrespective of the kind of animal. "Street animals often do not get timely and affordable veterinary care and have to pass away in pain helplessly. Money should not be an obstacle while trying to save a life. This clinic, hence, helps them get the best shot at life and live a life with dignity.”

Where: Dheeraj Heritage Residency 1 (Unity) CHS LTD., Linking Road Ext., Opp Shastri Nagar, Santacruz (W), Mumbai

Contact: 91 8291133266

Instagram: Being Animal Foundation

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