Check out these best burger places in Mumbai and make your day burgerlicious!

If you are someone who swears by the Buns and loves loaded burgers, then here’s a burger guide for you in Mumbai. Local Samosa has tried and tested these burger places and couldn’t help but fall in love with what they offer when it comes to burgers! So, either head to these 7 best burger places in Mumbai or order online to enjoy a pattilcious bite and thank us later!

Sometimes, all you need is a warm, tight hug, a good burger with fries on the left, and a coke on the other side. Well, Mumbaikars, we know, you’ve been craving a juicy burger for a long time, and so we decided to help you out with this list of the 7 best Burger places in Mumbai that will take care of your burger cravings!

1. Donna Deli

This newly opened and quaint all-day deli & bar in Bandra has some epic options on its menu. Right from the Bhoot Jhalokia, Nashville Hot Chicken, Activated charcoal brioche to the very messy cheese burst Sirarcha grilled chicken burger, their burger station is a must-try. These buns are made in-house and served with a bowl of Piri Piri sweet potatoes crisps and taste nothing but delicious. Eat your heart out with their Instagrammazing black and pink burgers and feel free to explore their Italian and Mediterranean menu too!

2. Louis Burger


Well, if you are a fan of big bites, then you are going to love what Louis Burger has in store for you. This cloud kitchen makes some epic veg and non-veg burgers that are mouthwatering. The Grilled AF,  Fried Chicken, Farmhouse, and the very gorgeous Truffletake Burger are some of our favourites and if you are planning to have a burger party at your place, do check Louis Burger once.

3. New York Burrito Company

New York Burrito Company, a.k.a NYBC, is another fabulous option if you are craving a quick burger bite. Their Guacamole burger is our favourite and is the bomb thing you need to try out. It comes loaded with a veg patty, nachos, jalapenos, and a yummy Guacamole spread. Other than that, their burrito bowls and crunchy Nachos are also worth ordering. They have good options in drinks too and we think you should definitely check them out.

4. Burgzooka

best burger places Mumbai

If you are a fan of juicy, loaded veg and non-veg burgers, Burgzooka is what we suggest you try next. Their menu has lip-smacking options like Eggtopus, Grilled classic buffs, Sriracha, Cheesy Potato Burgers, and some equally yummy sides and low carb lettuce pockets. Take care of your hunger pangs and enjoy a hearty burger meal at this place. They even deliver until 5 in the morning and have delivery outlets in Khar and Andheri.

5. West Coast Grill

best burger places Mumbai

Airoli’s West coast grill is a perfect place to go with your friends and fam! The Mama Mia, Da Bomb, and the Fire alarm burgers are stars of their menu. Their veg burgers go very well with the pot of creamy penne pasta, and you can sit here for as long as you can! They serve huge and mouthwatering burgers at pocket-friendly prices and we love them!

6. Jimis Burger

best burger places Mumbai

Head to Jimis for juicy and filling bites of their classic Jawbreaker, Hybrid, and Blue cheese maple burger. Be it chicken, mutton, pork, or buffalo tenderloin, they will kill your hunger pangs with their massive non-veg burgers. Other than that, their veg burgers are also good, and we suggest you try the Nacho B.C and Cheese Tease for a messy treat! Also, don’t forget to order mozzarella sticks, jalapeno nachos, and some chicken wings to end your burger feast with a burp!

7. BOSS Burgers

best burger places Mumbai

BOSS Burger features a pretty extensive menu, and you can explore both veg and non-veg options. Their Crispy Chicken & Cheese Melt Burger is a delight as it offers a perfect crunch with a juicy and cheesy mess. For those who love spice and everything nice, The Piri Piri Veggie burger would be just great. Quench your thirst with their drinks or chilled coffee, and also enjoy munching on crunchy nachos and crispy fries!

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