Robot Pani Puri! Delhi-based engineers designed a contactless Pani puri machine with an AI robot!

This Pani Puri vending machine was made by an engineer named Govind that offers a contactless way in which people can enjoy Pani Puri and even Vada Pav! But what makes it even more unique is the robot named Peppy that can be seen standing right beside the Pani Puri counter, answering questions and commenting in its robotic voice!

Pani Puri is BAE for almost everybody and has been given many cute names. Be it gol gappas you adore, Puchkas you want, or Pani ke batashe is what you call it, this spicy snack item is loved all across the country. In the last few years, Indore, Nagpur, and Gujarat came up with unique Pani puri vending machines and even a Pani puri ATM. But, in Delhi, the case is something unique and innovative. A city-based Robotic engineer, Govind, and his student Anurag Singh have not only come up with a 100% contactless Pani puri vending machine but also an AI robot named Peppy! This robot Pani Puri is trending all across the internet and why not? It’s just so lit!

“We were planning to make something like this in 2019 but, made the prototype in the next year. In November 2021, we finally launched the vending machine with the robot and glad it’s doing good”, told Anurag Singh to Local Samosa.

This contactless Pani Puri vending machine churns out a paper box containing puris, aloo, biodegradable glass, and tissue papers once you scan the QR code and pay the price. There are 4 different Pani that can be filled in the glass from the nozzles attached to the machine. As you take your glass beneath these nozzles, the AI robot Peppy says the name of the water you’ve picked in its robotic voice, and even talks to you! Like your regular Pani Puri plate, this unique robot Pani Puri is also available at Rs.20 and according to the local people, it tastes amazing!

The robot is just a prototype!

The AI robot, aka Peppy, has been the talk of the town for the way its eyes light up, and also the way it answers the questions and talks in its signature robotic voice. It took the duo an entire month to make Peppy which is still a prototype of their final product. “As people have already seen vending machines, placing an AI robot beside it was just to attract them. I think there’s a craze for robots in our country. An example of the same would be the Bangalore-based restaurant where the robots serve food. Peppy is just a prototype as of now. And, probably by the end of 2023 or 2024, we’ll launch it officially”, said Anurag.

robot pani puri

This magical vending machine and even the robot is a total Made In India product. And, Anurag and Govind are very proud of this fact. “We have made all the parts, components, hardware, and software at home. So, it feels great. Also, it runs on machine learning, so there haven’t been any major issues. Moreover, it has a life of 20-25 years “, said Anurag.

The duo has recently added vada pav to their menu and claims the machine can be used for any food item. “This is a smart vending machine. It’s 100% contactless and you can use it for anything. We’ve recently started with vada pav and people are buying them too”, he further added. The duo also runs their own startup by the name Pe Pre Ca Pvt. Ltd. that serves food with AI-based vending machines. They are also planning to come up with something similar in Mumbai by the end of next year.

Where: Rohini sector 17 market, New Delhi.
Price: Rs.20.

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