Put some yummy in your tummy! This Gujarat made Panipuri ATM is dispensing out little dollops of happiness!

It’s time we taste the magic of the street food again, and there’s no better street food than the king of chaats, Panipuri. We all have watched multiple videos to perfect the art of creating the same magic as the street vendors do, but nothing tastes as delicious as them. No more missing street food, Panipuri ATM is ready to change your mood.

Street food lovers are currently dreaming to try their hands on the Panipuri vending machine innovated by a man from a district in Gujarat. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself drooling watching a video where a machine dispenses panipuri similar to money in an ATM. The video is breaking the internet, taking all panipuri lovers in awe.

All you need to indulge in the magic of love is Rs.20. One inserts money on one end, and out comes a mouth-watering golgappa. Select the flavor you wish to have and enjoy the crisp of every bite with no compromise on taste. Gujarat man comes to the rescue for the ultimate comfort street food that everyone loves, the panipuri.

You might be worried about how hygienic the panipuris are, and let us assure you’ll the process is clean. With regular sanitization of the machine, this Panipuri machine will be the talk of the town. Apart from that, social distancing and no contact rules are strictly followed, thereby removing any fears of catching the virus. This Panipuri ATM feeds the hungry and says goodbye to the grumpy.

Who said you can’t buy happiness? You can now buy a ‘no contact’ panipuri, and that is kind of the same.

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