These artists are illustrating wedding invitations in the most beautiful ways!

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Make your special day even more special and uniquely invite your guests. Ditch the regular wedding cards and get a customized one for your wedding, as these illustrators are creating pretty wedding invitations for the fellas tying the knot!

How about choosing a layout you like or getting your personalized story in your wedding cards? Sounds cute, right? Well, we've found 9 illustrators who are making customized wedding invitations for couples getting married, and their work is just adorable. You can ask them to narrate your journey through illustrations or design a cute invitation with your animated version.

1. Doodloo by Niharika

Doodloo by Niharika is a blend of warm, happy, and relatable things. Her wedding portraits will make you want one for your day as they are extremely cute and look great. She will ask you a few questions about your journey and relation and then come up with something awesome. Niharika even makes cutesy video invites of couples, and so, if you are planning to take your wedding e-card to a new level, hire her for video too.

2. Dabble Doodle

Dabble Doodle is run by the artistic duo Ankita Agarwal & Kanika Agarwal. Their artworks are impressive and will leave a big smile on your face. They have even collaborated with Nick Jr. India and Tea Trunk. Other than illustrating for children's books, they also make fun and cute wedding invites and they are all very pretty. Check them if you are looking for colourful illustrations.

3. Heartiee

This one is another good option for getting your wedding invite customized. Their work is an amalgamation of the personality of the relationship, traditions, and a lot of creativity. The caption they add under their wedding posts is also well-explained and has a narrative flow in them. Check them out if you are planning for something different.

4. Zeva Debbarma 

Zeva Debbarma is a talented illustrator who knows her job well! Her wedding invites are a mix of old-school invitation cards and the cool new illustrations of the couple. We'll suggest you check her previous work before you finalize your e-card because she is really good.

5. Doodle Factory

Illustrator Sanskriti particularly works on wedding invites and can be called an expert in this category. Her story-based invite videos are worth checking out. The detailing in her wedding invitations is also very beautiful and would make your guests say Woah! Follow her work to know what we are talking about.

6. Art of Nush

Anushka is a self-taught artist from Chennai who also makes wedding invites and e-invites. We love how she adds a touch of nature into almost all her invites, adding a serene and happy vibe to them. Check her work and scroll through the enchanting illustrated invites.

7. Kartik Sketches

Kartik is a pro when it comes to the story-telling part. You can ask him to make a wedding invite with the basic details or make it even special with more elements by telling him about your journey. Reach out to him if you want a little more depth and narration in your wedding card.

8. Creative Moodon

Reach out to Rutu Pradhan and brief her about the vibe and theme you want, and she will make it for you. In her posts, she always mentions what the clients wanted and how she was able to make them happy with her work. DM her if you want more personalization to your card.

9. Aditi Basan Illustrations

Aditi makes wedding illustrations and digital portraits. Her Instagram feed is flooded with positive feedbacks and illustrations of cute couples. Her wedding invites and invitation videos are equally pretty, so we'll suggest you check her work once.

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