'Bella Ciao' in Mira Road is a pocket-friendly cafe and is definitely a place for Money Heist fans in Mumbai to catch up!

Mishkaat Imrani
Dec 08, 2021 12:12 IST
'Bella Ciao' in Mira Road is a pocket-friendly cafe and is definitely a place for Money Heist fans in Mumbai to catch up!

Mumbaikaras, there is a Money Heist themed-cafe 'Bella Ciao' in Mira Road that offers a series inspired menu, has a décor for you to click a lot of selfies, and a sophisticated vibe. 

If your love for the series Money Heist is beyond anything, then there is a place in Mumbai where you can meet other fellow fans, click pictures in the backdrop of all the characters, and enjoy a cheesy and creamy meal. Bella Ciao in Mira Road is a small and cute cafe that has a Money Heist-themed decor and even an inspired menu for you to dig in.

Started by an MBA graduate Imran Khan in August, Bella Ciao is a must-visit if you are in Mira Road. At the entrance, a Money Hiest mannequin can be seen sitting, chilling, and giving you the whole vibe. Open the glass door, enter and pick one of the few tables available inside while admiring the high-quality vinyl posters on the walls. " I made sure that the quality of the vinyl was good", said Imran. The wall on the right has a beautiful texture with a neon signboard that reads 'Shhh.. It's our secret' which makes the cafe look even more lit.

On another wall, you will catch Berlin staring at you in his signature pose. " Since he is my favourite I designed this one wall on my own", he further added. Imran founded Bella Ciao after he had to shut his previous venture due to the lockdown. He thought for a while and decided to come up with a cafe and try his hands in the F&B industry. After doing extensive research on 17-18 restaurants & cafes in Mira Road, he came up with the concept of Money Heist and did the decor on his own.

There are new dishes every month!

Though it's a themed cafe, yet the priority for Imran has been the food, and he is taking the help of the series to set the brand image of 'Bella Ciao'. " I wanted to create something which was trendy but my first priority was good food and ambience. Also, we keep updating our menu every month. We've recently added Malayi seekh and chicken tikka biryani. There's a lot to come in the near future too ", he further added.

The menu at Bella Ciao features some mouthwatering dishes! There are Professor's Pizzas, Tokyo's Tossed Pastas, Berlin's Burgers, Rio's Wraps, Nairobi's Nachos, and much more. Prachi Prasad aka The Mermaid Woman who's a travel blogger from Mumbai suggests trying their Professor's pizza and Tokyo's Arrabbiata pasta. "It's a small cafe yet the vibe is great. It's cozy and the interior is also well done. A good place to dig in good food at pocket-friendly rates", she told Local Samosa.

We can't wait to click pictures at this amazing cafe as our inner Money Heist fan is now all excited. What about you? Tell us in the comment section and share the word among fellow fans.

Where: Shop no 4, jangid Arcadia, Kanakia Rd, Mira Road, Mumbai.

Price for two: Rs.400 for two.

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