Upcoming online workshops: Register and fun things to your to-do list!

upcoming online workshops

Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these upcoming online workshops and make the most out of your spare time.

Explore these interesting online workshops and pick the one that suits you the best. Bake Christmas treats, learn to make mandala art, or try your hands on soap and body butter making. Keep reading, as there’s a lot that you can do this week with these upcoming online workshops.

1. Chakra Mandala workshop by Bhamini Shree 

Bhamini Shree is an art mentor and writer. She has been practicing various art forms, including but not limited to Mandala, Expressionism, and folk art, for over 15 years and has taught over 14000 art enthusiasts across the globe. Next week she will be conducting a two-day workshop on Chakras Mandalas, which is a unique approach to apply the fundamental rules of Mandala, the concepts and understanding of Chakras, to the creative and liberal space of art and craft.

When: 7th and 8th December.
Tap here for details.

2. Body butter making workshop and more by Make it and slay it

‘Make it and slay it’ is a platform that conducts workshops on soap making, dessert candles, and similar things. Next week they are conducting a fun online workshop on making body butter. During winters body butter can be great for your skin and so rather than wasting thousands on body butter available in the market, why not make your own bottle? Register and have fun making it!

When: 11th December.
DM for details.

3. Christmas special baking workshop by the Bake Room Team

Christmas is around the corner and so are the delicious Christmas sweets and treats! If you love yule log and cinnamon rolls, this workshop is for you. Learn baking these amazing sweets from Chef Gaurvi Ahluwalia in this online workshop and keep your baking game up.

When: 12th December
DM for details.

4. Ornate mandala workshop by Henna Bajaj

Henna Bajaj is an artist and an ornate mandala art educator, and she is conducting this online workshop on color theory basics, colour selection, tips & tricks for Ornate Mandalas, material Comparison, and much more. Enroll if you adore this artwork.

When: 12th December.
DM for details.

5. Polymer Clay earring workshop by Mad Cap Workshops

Polymer clay is an ideal material for making all kinds of jewellery, including earrings, beads, charms, and pendants. If you are a fan of unique jewellery, enroll in this online workshop and make a brand new pair for yourself.

When: 12th December
Tap here for details.

6. Soap Making workshop by Divine workshops

Ever wondered how soaps are made? Well, Divine workshops is here to teach you that! Make your own soap that perfectly suits your skin type and enroll in this online workshop.

When: 11th and 12th December
Get in touch at 8375077986 

So, what are you even waiting for? Enroll in these online workshops this week right away!

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