Learn from these pencil drawing artists, the best way to draw reality!

One look at the art of these pencil drawing artists, and you will go all, “wow”! Check out why do we say this below.

Remember how we used to make drawings in our sketchbooks? Gone are those days, aren’t they? However, some people did not leave this beautiful art and continued to learn and practice, and now, they are one of the most lovable pencil drawing artists in India. Herein, we are looking at such artists and their beautiful sketchy talent. Come, join us!

1. Vishnu Vijayan


Don’t be amazed if Vishnu makes the exact copy of the original photographs because he is a master to do the same. Vishnu also runs an art tutorial page that is worth visiting.

InstagramVishnu Vijayan

2. Siddharth Goswami


He is a 20-year-old self-taught artist. However, his art speaks “experience”, which is usually developed over a long period. Visit his Instagram page and look how amazing does he draw!

InstagramSiddharth Goswami

3. Shiha Nasrin


Shiha is another great artist who creates wonders through art. You cannot keep yourself away from following her after browsing through those pretty portraits.

InstagramShiha Nasrin

4. Yuvashree Suresh


Being one of the most talented pencil drawing artists, Yuvashree’s area of expertise lies in creating wonderful religious characters. Check out her profile here!

InstagramYuvashree Suresh

5. Mridula Mall


Mridula is an expert in creating beautiful and enchanting portraits and pencil sketches. The best is that you can request her for any customization and can even buy her creations.

InstagramMridula Mall

6. Ananya


Ananya is a portrait artist who mostly creates customized portraits. You can participate in the workshops organized by her to learn “how to create beautiful sketches through pencil drawing”!


7. Dipankardhar


You can find one of the most appealing drawings of political figures and B-Town stars while surfing through the Instagram feed of Dipankardhar. One can also ask this portrait artist for customized orders.


8. Payal


Payal goes by the name ‘Paint Reality’ and as this name suggests, her art depicts the relatable scenes from our lives. This 21-year-old from Assam is also open for paid artwork.


9. Vaibhav Tiwari


Vaibhav draws one of the best look-likes of Hindi movies and Hindi serial characters. If you wish to learn, check out the courses offered by him. Check it out!

InstagramVaibhav Tiwari

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