#BakingShaking! Try these quick microwave recipes to indulge in something delicious!

quick microwave recipes

Bored at home? Feeling hungry and want to dig in real quick? Then check these simple and quick microwave recipes and make something spicy, sweet, cheesy, or gooey!

Having a microwave at home can be a lot of fun and dear home chef if today you are in a mood to make something easy peasy, then check these lip-smacking and quick microwave recipes! Enjoy a big bite of pizza, a brownie, dhokla, crunchy toasties, or everything delicious because a homecooked snack always tastes a little extra better!

1. Microwave Dhokla

We love and adore Dhokla! This spongy snack when dipped in a sweet and spicy green chutney can be so satisfying! The flavours will keep bursting in your mouth! This one snack can never go wrong if made correctly. This quick microwave version of the same will give you a plate full of moist and juicy dhoklas that you can even click and post on Instagram!

2. Quick and easy Toasties

If you are team toasties, then this recipe is for you. Try your hands on potato, corn & cheese, paneer, and healthy spinach toastie that will go perfect with a hot cup of chai and will make your tea-time crunchier, tastier, and crispier! Watch it, make it, and eat it!

3. Brownie

If all you want is dessert and need nothing but lots of warm brownies, check this 5-minute recipe. Made with ingredients available in your kitchen, this eggless brownie is a perfect treat for all chocoholics. Eat it with your favourite ice cream and enjoy a hot bite of melt-in-mouth brownies.

4. Potato Wedges

How about some crispy or heavenly bite of potato wedges? Try this recipe as it’s simple, delicious, and easy to make. We all know a bowl of wedges will never satisfy our cravings, so bake this healthy version in bulk and eat a fistful in every bite!

5. Mathri

Crispy Baked Mathri would be a healthier alternative to the fried ones and can even be stored. You make the dough in the same way as you would make for regular fried mathri, add your favourite spices and bake it until it’s crispy and crunchy. Make this snack and enjoy it with a hot cup of adrak wali chai!

6. Stuffed capsicum

This one recipe is one of our favourites. Packed with the goodness of paneer, olives, and potatoes, these stuffed peppers are a perfect party appetizer and even a filling snack if you are munching with your friends at a house party. Feel free to add as much cheese as you want, and even make it more fun by adding noodles and green pea.

7. Pasta

Let’s all agree there’s always room for a hot pot of pasta and if you are also a pasta baby, then check this super quick mug recipe! Follow the instructions and add more veggies if you like and dig in!

8. Besan ke Laddu

Warm your winter evenings with a plate of melt-in-mouth besan k laddoo that is packed with dry fruits and made with chickpea flour. Try this quick microwave variant for the laddoos and enjoy these energy bites that are perfect for winter!

9. Mug Pizza

Eating a cheesy pizza can be messy. But, this mug pizza won’t stain your top and will let you enjoy big bites without any mess. This single-serving recipe can be baked in 5 minutes, and it’s the perfect solution when you are in a hurry and want something homemade and satisfying. Try making this pizzalicious ‘fast-food’ at home and enjoy!

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