Meet Chandni Mimic, who survived bullying, fought with depression, and came out stronger as a mimicry artist, VJ, and Digital Creator!

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Chandni Mimic

Be it Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Kangna Ranaut, Daya Ben from TMKOC, or your mohalle ka malishwala, this 21-year-old powerhouse of talent can mimic many! She is also a VJ, host, a final year law student, and has over 50K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her videos will make you laugh, and her talent will make you say wow, but there's a lot more to learn from Chandni Mimic and her journey of becoming a digital creator!

"I think mimicry has been with me since forever, as I don't even remember when I started doing it. But, when I was bullied at school, I knew I wanted it to become my identity," says Chandni Mimic, who was in 2nd grade when her classmates and teachers started bullying her. She was a shy and introverted kid and did not know why she was being treated that way. Sadly, she didn't even find anybody supportive and after a heart-wrenching experience at school during her 10th grade, she was taken to a psychiatrist by her mother. That's when Chandni was told that she was suffering from clinical depression.

Chandni Mimic


"I used to beg my parents so that they won't send me to school. It was hard! I remember, one day, the teachers yelled at me for no reason and did not let me go home for a while. I just couldn't feel my body in that room. They knew about my depression and still, did not allow me to leave. After a while, when I had completely given up, they sent me back home. After that incident, my mother left her job and helped me heal," says Chandni Mimic.

Chandni then started her therapies and reached out to a psychiatrist and also a psychologist. Her treatment is still going on, but now she feels much better. "Today, it's the self-doubt that I find the most challenging, but I am working on that", she further adds. After completing her 10th, she continued her junior college without taking any breaks. Meanwhile, she also started working as an assistant for her brother's event company, and that's when she realized she wanted to do something with the media! "There was also this competition where a set of people were looking for a host for MI Live app. I gave the audition, and I was the only one from the college who was selected", she said. That's how Chandni became a host!

During the first lockdown, she received a call from one of the leading entertainment portals and did her first interview with Vidyut Jammwal. " It went so great that I felt this is something I should continue doing. Also, I have always been fascinated by artists, their journeys, their likes, and dislikes. So, when I got the call, I said yes without any second thoughts", she explains.

Chandni has interviewed celebrities like Emraan Hashmi, Arjun Rampal, Vidyut Jammwal, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Jasleen Royal, Hina Khan, Darshan Rawal, Jubin Nautiyal, and many more. Her energy makes these interviews a visual delight, and we love how spontaneously and effortlessly she keeps the conversations going. Her interviews look great, yet she feels she can do better.

"I feel I am not doing enough, and I want to challenge my capabilities. People say manifest your dreams, and so do I! But, you have to stand up and work towards your dreams too. You have to trust yourself, pat your back, and shouldn't wait for others to do it for you. Take one step at a time as everything is possible when you believe in yourself. You can even put the toothpaste back in its tube," she explains and laughs while referring to a scene from 3 Idiots.

Chandni is also a final-year law student, and it was her father who persisted that she take up law. " My father is a criminal lawyer and wanted me to do it. So, I decided to dedicate the next 5 years to this course. I had even decided that I wouldn't watch 3 Idiots for these 5 years, because if I do, I'll start convincing my Abba and so I haven’t still watched it yet :D", she laughs.

Studying such a challenging subject while working in a field that is opposite of it, we wonder how does she manage both! " I wanted to drop law after one year, but my Maasi told me if you drop it now, you will develop a habit of giving up on things. So, I open my books a month before the exam, I shut everything and study hard for days and nights", she says.

Chandni Mimic


Chandni believes that it's important to give your best no matter what the deadlines are. "If I'm getting a call for an interview even a few hours prior, I try my level best. Also, today, people want instant fame, but I rather say don’t run behind that, because the thing that comes instantly will also go instantly.", she adds.

She also feels that entertaining people is a huge responsibility." So many people are stressed out and going back home from their job, and if they are watching a 2-minute video then it should make them feel good. Talking further about motivation, Chandni says she takes her inspiration from Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane. " I love how hardworking is she that she doesn’t even miss a single video. In one of her videos, Mostly Sane had mentioned that she does it for her future self, and so, even I'm doing all this for future Chandni.", she further adds.

Quick Questions with Chandni Mimic:

Describe Mumbai in 3 words: Local, Vada Pav, dreams, and a shining city that never sleeps

Your go-to spot in the city to study or to hang out: Has to be a beach! Any beach :D

Favourite mimicry artist: Jayvijay Sachan! He does it so perfectly every single time!

One place where you’d like to do mimicry is: Everywhere and for everyone.

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