From adopting child beggars to providing 37,000 free surgeries, these kind acts of people in recent times are worth checking out. Read about them below!

You might have heard from your elders that “it takes nothing to be kind”.  And, we believe that it has been rightly said by them. It might be for the same reason that we, Indians, do not forget to offer kind gestures to everyone. On the occasion of World Kindness Day, here are some of the kind acts of people from all over the country that melted our hearts like anything.

1. Ajmer teacher adopts 50 child beggars


Sunil Jose, a Maths teacher from Ajmer, Rajasthan has shown one of the kindest gestures by adopting 50 child beggars along with his group Uddan society. He has got the kids admitted to the school and has provided a school van for them. Not only this, but Sunil is also using his expenses to pay for the food, clothing, and shelter requirements of these children.

2. Varanasi surgeon performs 37,000 free surgeries to bring back smiles on faces


Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh, a plastic surgeon from Varanasi, who himself saw many struggles in his early life, has performed 37,000 free corrective surgeries on kids born with cleft lip/palate. He had started this service in 2002, marking his father’s death anniversary, and till now, he has helped more than 25,000 families in bringing back the smiles of their children.

3. Delhi ‘Matka Man’ serves free portable water to thirsty


The initiative of Alag Natarajan, aka ‘Matka Man’ from Delhi, has all our hearts since he is the one who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to fill 70 to 80 matkas at various parts of South Delhi. Recognizing his efforts, Delhi Jal Board has now given him access to potable water. This 70-year-old also feeds special healthy salad to around 400 people every week.

4. Kerala professor sanitises homes, creates awareness free of cost


Can you even think that a Professor would take up the work of cleaning? An Assistant Professor from Kerala, Visakh Gangadharan, has taken up this act. This professor from the Mechanical Engineering department of Malabar College of Engineering and Technology, Desamangalam, used to take up the sanitization work after conducting the online classes. While he used to do this with other people in the first wave of Coronavirus, he did it all alone in the second wave and even after that.

5. Odisha tribal man builds road for his village people


After being disappointed by the government in making the road, Dhaneswar Pradhan, the tribal man from Kandhamal, Odisha took on himself to make the road for the villagers. To connect his village to a motorable track near Kerubadi under the Daringbadi block, Pradhan and his family built the 4-km stretch required to get the basic facilities offered by the government.

6. Village girl from Odisha digs well to meet water requirements of 60 families


When Malati Sisa returned after completing her studies from Bhubaneswar, she realized that the Binda village of Bandipada under Khairput block did not have water facilities for the villagers. Soon then, she dug a well near her house for all the 60 families of the village. Her family helped Sisa with the work, and they completed it within a week in October by working round the clock.

7. Tamil Nadu cop builds library for people


Inspector Shahul Hameed from Valliyur police station established a library near the Valliyur bus stand for the residents. At his own will, Hameed started asking for book donations from people, after which he gathered around 4,500 books to be placed in the library. Now, the space has 20 seats for people along with a computer system that offers access to e-books. Hameed, also a social worker, took the initiative to remove the fear of police from the minds of youth.

Let us know about more such kind acts of people that you know!

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