Mumbaikars! Order from Art of Dum for a feast of slow-cooked Biryani, Tikkas, and more!

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Mumbaikars! Order from Art of Dum for a feast of slow-cooked Biryani, Tikkas, and more!

Art of Dum is a gourmet delivery kitchen brand by Sanjay Vazirani’s Foodlink, that follows the traditional ‘Dum Pukht’ style of slow cooking and offers dishes that are rich in aromas and flavours.

Holiday season is here, and so are the get-togethers! Many of us are going to have friends and dear ones visiting us, which means there's going to be a good vibe and good food. The vibe can be set with good conversations, and it really does not require much effort. But for good food, there has to be something delicious, and so we are here with a suggestion. We recently tried Art of Dum, a new delivery kitchen in the city by Sanjay Vazirani's Foodlink, the same team who catered for Deepika and Ranveer Singh's wedding (FYI), and here's what we recommend!!



Being a huge Rajma fan, we were happy to see how the Rajma ke Galaouti were presented. Though the flavour wasn't overpowering, and it was kind of missing the needed spice, it was fun to eat them with the green chutney. Another appetizer on our plate was the Peshawari Murgh Tikka which did justice to its name. The smokey flavour and the tender chicken left us wanting more. These 6 pieces of Tikkas were done right and we didn't even need to dip them in anything, it was that delicious.


For the main course, we first tried their Butter Chicken with one of the softest pyaz mirch ki rotis! The grilled chicken was cooked in cashew nuts & tomato gravy and came infused with cream and butter. It was a good pot of the usual butter chicken gravy and wasn't much spicy. We then dipped our rotis in Dal Makhani, and it was one amazing journey! The flavours of the Dal were right, and since we are more of a Dal person, we loved this one even more!

Other than that, we also gobbled up the stuffed Multani Paneer Rara Masala and Subz Diwani Handi, an onion-based gravy packed with veggies like Bell Peppers, French Beans, Baby Corn, and more. These two gravies were also good and tasted well with the Laccha Parathas and the Mirchi rotis! ( Both- the parathas and the rotis were soft and chewy, and added to the taste of the entire meal!)

Star of the menu!

We were the most excited about eating Biryani and were happy that Art of Dum didn't disappoint us. The Nizami Subz Biryani was a mélange of seasoned vegetables and basmati rice cooked on Dum. It was delicious as rarely do you find a good veg Biryani that could fight on chicken biryani's level! So, it was the star of the menu, and we totally loved it!



We ended our feast with the very delicious Kesar da Phirni! It was a sweet delight that we adored, and would really like to give thumbs up to the chefs for keeping it very close to authentic.

Our food note:

It's always a great feeling to relish food without feeling guilty about the waste it would cause. Art of Dum delivers its Dum Pukht dishes in eco-friendly packaging and glass jars. We appreciate that! Overall, Art of Dum can be a good option when you have guests coming over in a mood to dig in. They have flavourful options for both- vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and we will suggest you give them a bite.

Contact: +91 73040 00900 / +91 98206 41000

Order here.

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