Follow these simple Diwali decor tips by home decor expert Shilpa Singh and make your place festive-ready!

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simple Diwali decor tips

Diwali has always been about get-togethers and giving our home a festive refresh. It’s a time to shower our homes with love and attention and deck it up with things that bring in positivity, festive cheer, and makes us happy. Let decor expert Shilpa Singh help you add the needed Diwali vibe to your home with these impressive simple Diwali decor tips.

Shilpa Singh is an ex-advertising professional who was bitten by the décor bug! She left her advertising career to follow her passion and started Gharaonda out of her passion for styling, creative solutions, and decor. On her page, you will find some fabulous decor DIYs as well as styling advice. She is here to share some simple Diwali decor tips with us so that you can decorate your home in a lit way!

Diwali Essentials

Diyas, of course, are number 1 on my list. It is the festival of lights, after all! Ferry lights, Urlis, some beautiful rangoli. I think fragrance plays a vital part - flowers, essential oils, dhoop uplift the whole mood and add that freshness to our homes. Naturally, then there is good food and the joy of gifting or giving back.

Suggest a quick DIY with flowers and lights

There are so many smart ways that you can do decorate with minimal effort. The flower backdrop looks great; you can use a mix of marigolds, roses, bela, or any flower of your choice. Make a marigold bouquet by using wooden skewers. Or take a floral foam, simply insert flowers and tie with a rope, and you have gorgeous hangings ready!

Have fun with how you can use lights – Fill it up in clear glasses and use it as a tabletop. Create a beautiful canopy in your balcony or garden. Decorate corners of the house, table tops with floating flower rangoli, use it as a pathway/floor décor, hanging curls with tea lights. Let your imagination soar.

Can you share recommendations for must-have decor items for Diwali decor, and from where to source them?

I feel ‘must-have’ is such a personal choice. Festivals and traditions should be celebrated how an individual wants to. It’s about what brings you happiness and what you want to bring into your homes. That said, for me, candles, flowers, and diyas are my must-have, and I try to buy as much of it from local vendors and homegrown businesses.

Any tips on painting the room during Diwali?

I would trust a professional to do the job. However, you can add a festive touch by doing a beautiful stencil paint DIY. Simply cut out a shape of your choice, hold it up against the wall, and dab paint on it. Diya, Lotus, all look great!

How can we decorate the main entrance during Diwali?

Lanterns are a great way to spruce up the entrance. Opt for a cluster of different sizes, fill them with flowers and fairy lights. A toran can really jazz up the entryway, you can use the ones made from fresh flowers, fabric, etc. Urlis with floating candles and flowers or tall brass / wooden lamps look great at the entrance too.

Any tips to work on Rangoli?

They can take up a lot of your time on the day. Make it a day before or first thing in the morning. Research and have a design ready, so you don’t end up wasting time. There are a lot of cool rangoli props/stencils in the market that come in handy and are super useful.

Any Diwali Decorations for Living Areas?

Add your festive touch via furnishing. Cushion covers and tablemats can completely revamp the look. A statement piece like a multi-wick candle on the center table works very well.  

Suggest some simple décor ideas for table setting and pooja room Decoration.

Lay a runner or a dupatta in a color of your choice. Throw in a few glasses, fill them up with flowers or tea lights. I feel like a lot of kitchen utensils can double up as décor. Glasses can be used as tea light holders, and terracotta pots can get used as small urlis, it’s all up to your creativity and style. For the mandir, I personally like to keep it simple with flowers and mitti diyas.

Quick questions!

1. Describe Diwali in 3 words: Family, love, and light! 

2. Your favorite homegrown home decor brands: There are so many! Beruru, House of the Designery, The Gruham, The Hippie Saaz, Kari by Kriti, Fabuliv, Freedom Tree, Taattva, Nicobar, Suite N8, Westside, and The Green Collective!

3. Your favourite local markets in your city for budget festive shopping: In Bangalore, I love shopping at Commercial street and Indira Nagar. You will find some amazing unique stuff just off the streets here.

4. Your go-to brands for scented candles:

I am obsessed with candles and probably have them in the 100s by now! Honestly, there are so many budding handcrafted candle brands that I see on Instagram now and they all look very nice and unique. From my personal collection, I love Jo Malone, The Wishing Chair, Ellementry, Idam, Doft, Misa, Aroma India. 

We hope you've found these simple Diwali decor tips useful, as we simply loved them! Do let us know which ones are you going to try in the comment section below. 

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