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Lack of space does not mean you can't decorate your room the way you want. If you are trying your hands on home decor these days and can't help but lament about the size of the room, then fret not, my dear friend. Anupma Rastogi has many simple tips and tricks for you to try that will go a long way. Here's how you can make your small room look bigger than it actually is. 

Are you confused about picking the right furniture? Does it also bother you when you can't keep the plants inside because the size of your room doesn't allow anything extra? Are you living in the dark as you do not know the correct way of using the lighting? And do you also wish to have some more space in your room? Then check these tips by Anupama Rastogi, an IT Professional, Mom, and Decor enthusiast. Her style is cheerful, her DIYs are easy to follow, and if you want to make your room look bigger, then don't stop reading!

Pick the right furniture!

Your furniture should be as per the room size, lifestyle, and contrast to walls. There is fabulous space-saving furniture in the market which will suit your taste. If you are up for buying new furniture, Anupma suggests getting it from Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Hometown, and Flipkart. You can also check the second-hand furniture markets in your city. Feel free to go and hunt a little.

But, if you are not buying a new one, then use contrasting sofa covers, table cloth, and cover the furniture. You can also paint them as per the color scheme you have in the room. ( Do not go for prints, or stickers, or patterns as it will look cluttered)

Colours of the walls!

Always go for the light colors as they reflect more light. Try to keep the walls in a light color. In case you have colored walls, keep the ceilings white. It's a good time to try your hands on painting too, or you can order light-colored wall stickers online instead of painting.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

Mirrors make a small space look larger and improve the lighting. The framed ones can be used as art pieces to enhance the wall or to add interesting views. Lighting and its reflections will add a touch of drama to space. Also, it's a good idea to pick a huge mirror and enhance the look with some stylish bulbs or bright lights. Avoid buying oval, round, or other irregular-shaped mirrors, as they can mess the look.

Play with the angles to make your room look bigger

If you have paintings on your walls, make sure that the painting center is at eye level. It should be highlighted by proper lighting. Ensure the angle for the light is 30 degrees to reduce any glare or reflections. Follow a line or asymmetrical pattern if you have more than one painting.

Arrange your indoor plants in the best way

For small rooms, go for small plants and pots so that it and does not look cluttered. Also, try to use the vertical space using hanging planters. Go for plants that need minimum sun exposure. Few good options are snake plant, ZZ plant, pothos, Syngonium, and Peace lily. Remember that these plants do not need direct sunlight, so keeping them in the window that is either West, East, or South facing would be perfect.

The windows!

Use curtains or blinds to add colors to rooms. Always place a mirror on the wall perpendicular to the windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can bounce the light right back out the window. Also, hang the curtains higher than the windows as it tricks the eye into thinking the room is taller.

Try this quick flower decor

Get flowers from the neighborhood like Bougainvillea or any kind of flowers from a florist, get a vase or glass bottle. Fill it with water and add a pinch of baking soda to keep flowers fresh for a longer time.

Decking Up with Cushions

There is no such rule as it depends on the sofa and your comfort. More the merrier but should not make sofa overcrowded. Play with shapes like square, lumbar, and round. Florals, patterned, solids ones, abstract, geometrical choose whatever you like. Keeping the sofa cover plain and the pillows printed would make it look good. Also, do not forget to check this cool tutorial on no sees pillow cover. " rel="noreferrer noopener">here.

Make room look bigger

Anupma's recommendations for making the living room and the bedroom look bigger

Use light colors on the wall. Instead of decor items or paintings on all walls, create one wall as a gallery or accent wall and keep others minimal. Use light shade furnishings, keep furniture in the group to avoid a cluttered look. Go for vertical space to add any decor item or plants. Keep coffee and side table minimal and organized. For Sofa styling, add colors using cushions & throws, and these can be as per the season and occasion. Use bright bling ones for festivals, cool pastels in summers, and solid brights for winters. Apart from basic furniture, the must-haves can be plants, lamps, decor items, and furnishings.

Planning for some shopping? Check Anupma's suggestions!

If you are in Gurugram, Anupma suggests the following places to get some good home decor items:

Hometown, F&F, Westside, Fabindia, Chumbak, Mora tara, and Wishing Chair.

Her favorite homegrown home decor brands are Jaypore, Fab India, Vajor, Chumbak, Good Earth, and Westside. We will suggest you check them once.

Get more useful tips on Anupma's Instagram here. Happy home decorating and make that room look bigger!

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