Go for affordable furniture shopping at the Oshiwara furniture market in Mumbai!

The Oshiwara furniture market, located in Jogeshwari, Mumbai, is one of the best places to buy beautiful antique furniture and home decor items. Here’s a look at the market.

Shops after shops and all displaying quality antique furniture and extensively beautiful home decor items define the popular Oshiwara furniture market of North Mumbai. Located in Jogeshwari, this market can also be seen as the smaller version of the Chor Bazaar of South Mumbai. Though, unlike Chor Bazar, you can visit the Oshiwara market in your car.


What makes it special!

If you are a newbie in the town and looking for some amazing set-up for your home, you can directly come here and choose from amongst the wide variety of available sofas, beds, chairs, desks, tables, bookshelves, bar carts, and decorative pieces. Mostly, the items are second-hand that aim to find their new owners!


Though various shops in the market offer these items, a few that can entice you with their collection are The Raj Company for refurbished antique furniture, home decor from Moorthy’s, industrial furniture from Magnolia, and Sanctum, bar carts from Tiffany Blue and Indian Design.

Mandatory stuff!


Yes, the most mandatory thing before you go to this market is that you learn not just the basics of bargaining but the wholesome of it so that you don’t fall prey to the selling techniques of the shopkeepers! Sometimes, the shopkeepers tell double the cost of the articles than they agree on, which implies that you should be a master in negotiations.


Apart from this, if you have come from a non-Hindi-speaking part of India to settle in Mumbai, it would be a must for you to take a local friend to the market, especially, if you are not much comfortable with both Hindi and Marathi. Well, a local friend can also help you make the right decision.


Since you find many items covered with dust, don’t shy away from buying them as they are exposed to air outside the shops that shopkeepers keep there to attract customers. Amazingly, you will also find here old cameras and their stands that you can just keep at your homes to add some vintage aesthetics.

After all, who does not like their houses to be a flashback of the good old times!

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