#ShoppingInMumbai: Here's your boss guide to shop at Mumbai's local markets feat. Kin Bathija!

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Jul 19, 2021 08:21 IST
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#ShoppingInMumbai: Here's your boss guide to shop at Mumbai's local markets feat. Kin Bathija!

Mumbaikars, if you are planning to go out on a shopping hunt as soon as the situation gets better, then you have to give this a read! Know where to buy the best jewellery, footwear, apparel, home decor, and cosmetics at pocket-friendly prices in the city. Reach the right spot to get your clothes stitched and learn some quick DIY looks too. Keep reading as this is your ultimate guide to shop at Mumbai's local markets.

Kin Bathija is a Mumbai-based Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist. She has been in the industry for over 14 years and has worked with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Kin has styled over 500 commercials and definitely knows the best places to shop in Mumbai. Today, she is here to guide you about how to shop in Mumbai's local markets to get a stylish look at a pocket-friendly price!


5 local markets everybody should visit in Mumbai!

Before starting to shop at Mumbai's local markets, you should know the right places. So, here's a sorted list for you.

1.Hill Road (Bandra) - Hill road is the best place to shop for Stylish rip-offs of expensive brands like Levi’s, Marks & Spencer, Zara, Forever 21, etc. You get a variety of tops, dresses, crop tops, tunics, etc. at a very good bargain. 

2. Colaba Causeway - Colaba Causeway is a very happening and charming place in South Mumbai. It has something for everyone: shopping enthusiasts,  foodies, tourists, architecture lovers, and even for people looking for a glimpse of BOMBAY. Be sure to check out Leopold's Cafe for a bite. 

3. Lokhandwala Market - Lokhandwala Market is one of the busiest streets in Mumbai. It’s located at Andheri West. This street is suffused with shops and vendors on either side. You will find some lovely boutiques for Indian wear, semi-stitched Kurtas, Kaftans, Pakistani Fashion, etc. Take a stroll through the by-lanes of the market, and you are likely to find a string of footwear stalls and interesting boutiques and shops selling replicas of popular high-end brands. Ranging from fruits, flowers, electronics, jewelry, apparel to household knick-knacks, this market has almost everything you need.

4. Crawford Market - Crawford Market is Mumbai’s biggest wholesale market. Many big restaurants in Mumbai source their ingredients from here, primarily for the wholesale rates and international quality of products. You can drop by to check out the varieties of French cheese & Belgian cooking chocolate. This Market is popular for wholesale shopping items like bags, home decor items, stationery, clothing, fruits, vegetables, and poultry products, among others. You’ll also find that lanes in this market are segregated with each of them dedicated to different varieties of items, such as party items, home decor, stationery, perfume, fruits and vegetables, and spices.

5. Linking Road (Bandra) - Linking Road is located at Bandra West and is famous for colorful bags, accessories, footwear, etc. You will find a variety of scarves,  funky handbags, replicas of sunglasses, stylish studded belts at a very good bargain. Different kinds of denim with a different wash, faded denim, boyfriend jeans are available here. There are a lot of hippie accessories and bags sold here at a very reasonable and cheap price.


Style your home with Antique Furniture!

Head to Jogeshwari SV Road (Oshiwara) for this. They have a variety of antique table lamps in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can even check antique wooden hand-carved side tables. Not necessarily you’ve to buy a second-hand one or something that’s ready. If you have a specific thing in mind they will custom make it for you, in your desired shape, size, and color. For eg. If you have a quirky corner in your house and want a pink side table, it might not be readily available. They will customize it for you. Another suggestion would be to check the wall clocks. They have some beautiful antique wall clocks. The most famous one is the Victoria Station Wall clock. 


 5 things to get from Chor Bazaar?

Chor Bazaar has a lot to offer, and if you are planning to shop at Mumbai's local markets, you can't miss it.

  1. Watches: If you are a real watch lover, then Chor Bazaar is the right place for you to browse a variety of watches. You will find a lot of vintage antique (one of a kind) watches here. 
  2. Home Decor: There are a variety of home decor shops here. From Buddha Wall hangings/idols to flower vases to center tables to showpieces, this place is like a hidden gem when it comes to buying unique pieces for your house. 
  3. Shoes: Yes, you read it right. It’s said that if you want to get your hands on some really cool branded shoes visit Chor Bazaar at 4 am. There are special stalls only for sports shoes. A small lane called Dedh Gully is dedicated to this secret market that opens up only between 4 am and 8 am, every Friday. This market will sell exclusively stolen branded shoes at an unbelievably cheaper price. You can find both used shoes and new ones. The new products are usually sold illegally by workers from factory outlets or cargo stolen from the port region. 

  1. Watches: If you are a real watch lover, then chor bazaar is the right place for  you to browse for a variety of watches. You will find a lot of vintage antique  (one of a kind) watches here. 
  2. Home Decor : There are a variety of home decor shops here. From Buddha  Wall hangings / idols to flower vases to centre tables to show pieces, this  place is like a hidden gem when it comes to buying unique pieces for your  house.  
  3. Shoes : Yes you read it right. It’s said that if you want to get your hands on  some really cool branded shoes visit chor bazaar at 4am. There are special  stalls only for sports shoes. A small lane called Dedh Gully is dedicated to  this secret market that opens up only between 4 am and 8 am, every Friday.  This market will sell exclusively stolen branded shoes at unbelievably  cheaper price. You can find both used shoes and new ones. The new products are usually sold illegally by workers from factory outlet or cargo stolen from  the port region. 


4. Vintage Cameras: If you love collecting some old antique items, don’t forget to check out the vintage cameras here. They have cameras in all sizes with different features. You will find all sorts of Yashikas, Nikons, Canons & Polaroids here. 

5. Leather Bags / Trunks: If you are a travel freak and love collecting different kinds of bags or suitcases, do check out the leather trunks here. They have some really good designs as cheap as Rs.1,000/- to Rs.10,000/- and above. Your bargaining skills will come in very handy here. 

Some quick tips!

Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. Be prepared to get lost in hundreds of little winding lanes packed from corner to corner. Beware of pickpocketers. And take care of all your valuables. Make sure you have an ample amount of time when you go to Chor Bazaar. First, explore the whole market before finalizing anything. Every shop has some unique items, so have enough time to go through them.


Get your hands on some fabulous jewellery!

Colaba Causeway and Hill road are the 2 best places to get your hands on some amazing statement jewellery pieces. You will find all the latest jewellery trends here. Santacruz Market near the station (west) is also a great place for jewellery shopping.

Fan of sticthed clothes? Kin suggests these places:

  1. Lady Pink Blouse Boutique: It’s located at Ghatkopar East and they specialize in blouses. They custom make as per your choice, occasion, and body type. They also have a variety of readymade blouses and crop tops in case you want to mix-n-match. 
  2. Manish Market: It’s a small market located at 4 Bungalows Andheri West. There are at least a dozen of tailors there who would give you some amazing fit and styles. 
  3. Hitesh Master (Womenswear) & Farid Master (Menswear): They both are located in Bandra and are known for giving amazing fits and cuts to very famous Bollywood Celebs. If you’re aiming for nothing short of a red carpet look or a chic wedding look, these masters (tailors) will work wonders for you. They are the masters in making suits, tuxedos, gowns, dresses that you must have always dreamt of. 


For pocket-friendly cosmetics, head to these places:

  1. Beauty Centre & Beauty Palace (Crawford Market): You will find a wide range of beauty products at discounted prices. Along with make-up products, you will also find vanities, hair straighteners, hairdryers, and various other make-up and hair-related electronics. However, be careful of the knock-offs. 
  2. 1st Beauty: It is almost the same as Beauty Palace. Lots of Salons and Makeup artists are known to shop from here in order to get good deals on all the items. 
  3. Beauty Hub (Bandra): It’s located bang opposite Smoke House Deli. This store boasts a large range of imported brands (grooming, bath, and body, beauty products, small appliances) under one roof and caters to men, women, and children.

For budget-friendly and stylish footwear!

La Judi (Hill Road Bandra) - This is literally a visual delight for all footwear lovers. They have all kinds of footwear that you can think of. I absolutely love their gladiators. From mules to embroidered Kolhapuris, they have it all. You will also find some quirky pair of oxfords here. 

Keep these tips in mind before heading for your new shopping adventure in Mumbai!

Every place you go has its own unique niche and products. Always be open to experimenting and trying new cuts and silhouettes. Have a certain budget in mind before you set out for shopping. Make a checklist in case you have too many items on your list, so that you don’t miss out on any important ones. If you’re shopping from any local shops across the city, hone some bargaining skills as well.


Some killer looks that you can try feat. Kin Bathija!

  1. WFH: My personal favorite teaming up dressy blouses or shirts, statement neckpieces/earrings with colorful pajamas. 
  2. House Party: House parties have become a lot more about getting to meet your loved ones and valuing the importance of spending time together so I would like to keep it very casual, comfy, and quirky. 
  3. A Romantic Dinner: Time to pull out all your lovely off-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses from the closet, which have not seen the daylight for almost a year and a half. Have a little dinner set up. Put on a little make-up, wear your favorite dress as it might just uplift your spirits and mood & viola. Click some pictures and embrace the moment. You might not get a chance like this to wear a sexy dress with flip flops (since you are caged at home), so make the most of it.


This article is written by Kin Bathija. Follow her on Instagram here for more such tips to shop at Mumbai's local markets and more. She also conducts one week Style Transformation Masterclass where she helps individuals discover their personal Styles. 

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