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Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these online workshops this week and upgrade your skills.

Explore these interesting online workshops and pick the one that suits you the best. Learn calligraphy, bake eggless cheesecake, or maybe, try your hands on Alcohol ink painting. Keep reading, as there’s a lot that you can do this week with these online workshops.

1. Eggless cheesecake masterclass by Luscious Torte

If baking is your game, and you love eating cheesecakes, then check this online workshop. This one will cover bake, and even non-bake cheesecakes in different flavours, and many other recipes will also be shared.

When: 14th October
Get in touch at 9833388633

2. Dot Mandala workshop and more by Canvastint

Artist Pooja Viraj Shah conducts various workshops on resin art, alcohol ink, fluid art, and more. Just like previous months, she is conducting various workshops in October too, and one of them is on the 17th. This workshop is about making dot mandala art on coaster sets and bookmarks. Do check this if you like mandala artwork.

When: 17th October
DM for details.

3. Brush Pen Lettering workshop by Hobbee Horse

Make your handwriting even prettier with this online workshop that captures brush pen lettering. This free workshop will be conducted by Vidya, aka Crafty Jugnoo.

When: 17th October
Tap here for details.

4. Cupcake fondant toppers workshop by That BrownGirl Bakes

Sonali Ambokar is a self-taught home baker, and her baked goods look like a piece of art. She will teach you everything about making 2D cupcake fondant toppers in this online workshop, and if you adore decorated cupcakes, then check this one!

When: 14th October
Get in touch at 8850767299

5. Calligraphy workshop by Art Beanie

Art Beanie is run by 2 sisters who are on an artistic journey. This duo is conducting this calligraphy workshop and will provide all the required materials. You will even get a customized bookmark in the kit. Check this one as the seats are limited.

When: 15th – 22nd October
Get in touch at 9769865311. 

6. Alcohol Ink workshop by Art Wave

Artist Rupa Arora is conducting this art workshop on Alcohol Ink, where she will help you learn six techniques on white and black surface sheets. PDF and kits will be delivered to your doorstep, so enroll quickly!

When: 16th & 17th October

Get in touch at +919988563356

7. Resin Clock Workshop by Kala.akriti.Elites

In this beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn the Marble effect, the use of Crystals, and how to place the Roman ring in a single pour. Make the most out of your time, and learn this pretty art. Kala.akriti.Elites have taught over 50 students as of now and have delivered 200+ orders locally & internationally, so do check this one.

When: 17th October
DM for details.

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