Mumbaikars, order from Louis Burger if you love big bites!

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Louis Burger

If you are craving a chicken burger, we'll suggest you to give Louis Burger a try as they have a lot in store for everybody who love buns!

If you are planning to order something today, then wait until you read this review. Louis Burger is offering flavourful and crunchy burgers at a pocket-friendly price, and if you are someone who loves loaded buns, then check them once. We tried their burgers to give an honest review so that your bun cravings are sorted!

Louise Burger

Chicken Burgers

The burger feast began with two humongous Chicken burgers. The first one was called Grilled AF, which had a thick grilled chicken piece and onion rings. The lettuce was lathered in truffle mayonnaise, and it was a fine combination to bite on. But, what we loved the most was their Fried Chicken Burger. The fried chicken was super crunchy and tasted heavenly with perfectly sour pickles and cheddar.

The meat in both the burgers was tender and flavourful, but we think it could have been made a little juicier, and so we give 4 stars out of 5 to their chicken burgers.

Veg Burgers

Up next were the veg ones! We started off with their Farmhouse Burger, and it was a lot of fun to eat. The pickled onions, mozzarella cheese, and veggies made it a good burger to bite on. The next was their special edition Truffletake Burger which was adorned with a gold varaq. Among all the 4 burgers, this one looked the best and came with shiitake mushrooms, exotic shimeji mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise, english cheddar, and parmesan. The taste wasn't too good for us, as we are not a fan of mushrooms, so we recommend you only order this if you like mushrooms.

Other than the burgers, we also munched on their Truffle fries, which were crispy, crunchy and had a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. We also liked the truffle mayo dip that came with actual pieces of truffle and not just truffle oil.

Reasons to order from Louis Burgers

  1. The quantity and food quality: One burger is perfectly fine for one person. We liked how the flavours weren't overpowering, and the quality of the buns was super!
  2. The presentation and Packaging: The burgers came in paper boxes, and remained steady. Not a single lettuce fell, or the paper beneath the burgers became soggy. We'd like to give extra points for how their limited edition burger was served in a gorgeous black box that could be easily re-used multiple times.
  3. The price: The burgers have a range of Rs.215- Rs.435, and with the quantity they provide, we think Louis Burger is pretty reasonable.

Our take on the food

Overall, our burger experience was happy, and we will suggest you try Louis Burger at least once. But, if you are more into a hot filling, and like your burger bites to be a little spicier, then do not forget to order an extra hot sauce from them.

Price for two: Approximately Rs.600 for two

Address: Unit G 4, Ground Floor, Trade Center Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

Time: 12 noon to 3 am

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