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The Tadka House

The Tadka House is a cloud kitchen that serves different varieties of cuisines like Rajasthani, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Fast Food, Thai, and more. Reach out to them if you love spicy and a variety of food!

Started by 3 friends last year during the lockdown, The Tadka House is now a team of 5 that is here to deliver some delicious vegetable food to your doorstep. Their menu is 14 pages long and features dishes from different cuisines. If you are planning to order something online for your family this week, we'll suggest you try them. 

The Tadka House

For the Starters!

We started our meal with some crispy Nachos. It was served with a creamy Queso and the classic Pica De Galle made from chopped tomato, onion, and peppers dips. Though the traditional Pica De Galle is usually served dry, this one was a little juicy and went well with the nachos. If you are in the nacho gang, these basic loaded ones would be a good start for the meal.

The Main Course!

For the mains, we picked Herb Rice with Paprika Sauce. The stir-fried veggies were crunchy and tasted well with the spicy and sour Paprika Sauce. We loved how the gravy had a variety of veggies including broccoli, zucchini, bell papers, and onions. The herb rice deserves a special mention here, as it was flavourful and balanced the spice of the gravy decently. This combo comes at a price of Rs.450 and is definitely a must-try.

Up next was the Dal Baati Churma, and even though we are not a huge Dal Baati fan, the flavors here changed our mind. The 6 whole wheat baatis were baked and served with a mix of lentil curry and a pot of Churma. This baati had a generous amount of ghee, and the Mirchi on top made it look tempting. Their 1 portion serves 2 people and cost Rs.450.

The Desserts!

The Tadka House

We would like to give extra brownie points to The Tadka House for their chocolate brownie, and Sitaphal Cream! If you have a sweet tooth, the dessert section will not disappoint you. True to its name, Sitaphal Cream was our favorite of the two. It had chunks of sitaphal, and even if you don't like this fruit, you will not mind chewing on them here. The creamy and rich consistency was because of the cheese, and to sum up, it was a delight for our tastebuds after a masala-packed meal.

Reasons to order from The Tadka House

  1. The packaging: Even though we had 2 gravies there was not a single spill from any box. The presentation of the food was on point, while the little notes mentioning our names made our day.
  2. The quantity: Be it the dessert, the mains, or the starters, everything was served in a good quantity. So, they do justice to the price.
  3. The quality of the food: Since our spice tolerance is low, we were happy that the Tadka packed food didn't have any after-effects. So, The Tadka House is a safe place for those who can't take up spicy food but want to give it a try.

Contact: 9833045510 or DM them here.

Where do they deliver: All across Mumbai.

Price: Rs.450 for two.

Note: Place your orders at least 8-9 hours prior.

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