Meet singer-songwriter Sanam Malik from Chandigarh, whose recent single 'Mushkil Hai Sama' is a treat for Indie music fans!

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Sanam Malik is an independent artist from Chandigarh, who is a vocalist, and a songwriter. Other than singing for his band, The Satyug, he has also written and sang 4 originals, including the very soothing 'Tu to nahi hai', 'Gumnam Si', and more!

If you are an Indie music fan, Sanam Malik is someone you should check out and listen to his music. He started learning Indian classical in 2008, but then shifted to Hip-Hop, and out of nowhere, formed a band in 2017 during his college days. The band received a lot of appreciation, but unfortunately, after 2019, the band stopped doing the gigs. After this, Sanam enrolled for IIM and meanwhile released four singles in a year. All these 4 songs are delightful and will take you on a lyrical ride.

Be it Naarzaz Si, which talks about a situation of being upset but still in love with the same person. Or, take his latest single Mushkil Sama, which is an amalgamation of thoughts and feelings of a boy who is madly in love with a girl. There is a charm and a story that Sanam beautifully narrates in his songs, and we are totally in love with it.

"Mushkil Sama is the most imminent to my heart. I was continuously trying to create something good after a not-so-well-performed song, “Naraaz Si”. Though I still liked it, nothing was going forward. I decided to take a break and went to Rishikesh, where I found a music shop, and I purchased one Ukulele (which I did not know how to play then). This was my first trip with my girlfriend, and I was watching a chord tutorial on YouTube sitting on the banks of the holy Ganga, and “Mushkil Sama” happened there. I completed the song within an hour. The inspiration is the peace of mind and Ma Ganga, I believe.", says Sanam.

Even though Sanam feels Naraaz Si did not do well, we think it's a must-listen if you are into acoustic songs. Similarly, the rest of the songs are also worth listening to. Sanam wrote, composed, and sang all his 4 songs in 2020, a year, which wasn't very happy, yet these songs would make you feel a little better. Writing songs is difficult, and especially when you do it all alone. Sanam too found writing his first single Goomnaam Si, tough, but then ended up writing it so beautifully.

"I think the most difficult one was “Goomnaam Si’, as it was my first single. It did create pressure on my mind. It was not only about how the song will do, but also I was not in a good mental state. I had some family problems, and baggage of a broken band for which I gave my 200%.", he says.

A song is made with two main things- meaningful lyrics and good composition! Composing a song is indeed a task, but writing lyrics that can touch someone's heart requires a lot of poetic skills. Sharing his songwriting process with us, Sanam says, " I know other artists first write a song on paper and then compose it, but I’m not too fond of that. I take my instrument and start playing some rhythm. I also try humming and then add lyrics to the composition. I like this way better and accessible."

Being a composer, Sanam finds his peace in giving melodies to his words. He likes expressing his feelings through composition. " I can convey any emotion I feel through music.", he adds.

Even though Sanam is pursuing his MBA at this moment, he has already taken music as his career. With 4 singles in a year, and many in the pipeline, Sanam is definitely here for the long run. " I never thought I would be making music up to this level. But my family were pretty supportive of whatever decision I took. The journey is full of ups and downs. Joining the IIM and leaving my band changed me and my life a lot. It did break my heart, but also inspire me to do more in music.", he explains.

Quick 6

  1. Dedicate a song to your city, Chandigarh: Khubsoorat by Osho Jain
  2. Where was your first live show? Purple Frog Sector-26 Chandigarh (Club gig)
  3. A location you would like to perform: Mountains are love! So, it has to be somewhere in the mountains.

4. A city you would like to organize a concert: Mumbai.

5. Your favorite spot in your city to enjoy live music: HRC Chandigarh.

6. Who are some of the role models you look up to in the industry: Prateek Kuhad! He is the reason I started listening to Indie music. So, he is an inspiration to me.

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