Order Onam Sadhya in Mumbai and enjoy the taste of traditional food at your home!

Order Onam Sadhya in Mumbai

The festival Onam is around the corner, and we can’t stop thinking about the delicious Onam Sadhya. If you are also craving biting on a scrumptious sadhya feast, then worry not. We have made a list of places where you can order Onam Sadhya in Mumbai.

Seeing the current situation, we can’t celebrate Onam the usual way. However, there’s no reason why we should miss our Sadhya meal. To ensure that you celebrate Onam and savor the mouth-watering dishes, we have curated a list from where you can order Onam Sadhya in Mumbai. These Sadya will leave you burping in satisfaction, so let’s get on the list.

1. Oottupura

Home chef Marina Balakrishnan has been serving Keralite meals in Mumbai, and she is here to make your Onam complete with her Onam Sadhya meal that includes a whopping 26 items, with mango pickle, inji pulli, banana chips, cabbage thoran, red rice, hot pepper rasam, and pal payasam.

P.S: She is even delivering it to Alibaug.

Cost of the Onam Sadhya meal: Rs.2,800.
For more details Tap here.
For deliveries in Alibaug, call +91 99674 35879.

2. Zealo Foods

Zealo Foods makes small-batch artisanal food products and has launched a special Onam Sadhya menu this year. Their Onam Sadhya comes with Vendakkai sambar, carrot and beans thoran, kadle manoli, appams, and idiyappam. For desserts, they are serving payasam and moong dal ladoos with cranberry. There are non-vegetarian offerings like chicken sukka and prawn chilly fry too. 

P.S: The sadhya is available for delivery for dinner on 23 August. 

Cost of the Onam Sadhya: Rs1,650. 

To order, WhatsApp or call 9920417669.

3. Chef on Wheels

With more than 10 items, this Onam Sadhya looks nothing but scrumptious. Awake the foodie in you and celebrate the Majestic Onam with their Sadhya, and UnSadhya Thalis. Order their Unsadhya thalis that are available for takeaways & deliveries.

Cost of the Onam Sadhya: Rs.649
To order, WhatsApp or call 8104868251

4. Nair On Fire

Order both, veg and non-veg sadhya from Nair On Fire. Their non-veg menu includes chicken and seafood, while in the veg one, there’s a lot to explore. Celebrate the festival The NairOnFire Onam UnSadya.

Cost of the Onam Sadhya: Rs.1,150 onwards
To order, call on + 91 93240 59522.

5. Dakshin Culture Curry

Order veg or a non-veg Onam Sadhya from Dakshin Culture Curry that comes with delicious items like Koottu, Kadal Curry, Parotta, Injipuli, Prawns Kozhambu, Chicken Malabar curry, rawas porichathu, and a lot more. They are also delivering all across Mumbai. 

Cost of the Onam Sadhya: Rs.625 for veg, Rs.695 for non-veg.

For Pre-Orders call: +91 9820124433, 022 24440202/0707

6. Holiday Inn

Enjoy a lavish vegetarian feast that comprises a spread of curries, fried & mashed vegetables served on a Banana leaf from Holiday Inn, with their #BrunchOnWheels initiative. Get your special Onam Sadhya delivered to your doorstep with delicious accompaniments to make your Onam celebrations a tasty treat for your family and friends! 

Cost of the Onam Sadhya: Rs.1,600

For Pre-Orders call 9004617824

So, now you know where to order Onam Sadhya in Mumbai!

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