Monsoon tales: Locals talk about everything they love about the rains in Kerala, share cultural ethics!

Kerala, the god’s own country, is definitely a treat to the eyes, and its beauty doubles during monsoons, as locals say. Read below what else do Keralites have to say about their favorite activities that follow the most-awaited rains in Kerala.

With monsoons come many stories; stories of childhood, love, friendship, family, home, togetherness, and nostalgia. But these Kerala folks have much more to think and rejoice about when it comes to monsoons. As we talked to a few locals from the state, they opened up about how they love everything about rains in Kerala. Let’s check what they love to indulge themselves in while the drops pour down on their land!

Vismaya, 17, Kannur

Vismaya loved bathing in ponds and fishing in canals.

I always loved bathing in ponds, fishing in canals as soon as monsoons hit Kerala. I remember how I, along with my friends, used to run to the fields where farmers could be seen busy in their work while we were in ours. And, our work was nothing but to just play. Once, it rained so heavily that my locality was filled with water. People had to stay at camps. We had also donated clothes, vegetables, other food items, and cash to support them. But I always loved having fun in the rain with friends at normal times. There were so many games meant to be played in the rainy season. Now there is none. I can’t even see my friends. I miss it all.

Alvin Johnson, 26, Thrissur

For Alvin, it’s always been about Jackfruit dishes and ayurvedic treatment.

Our schools used to open during monsoons. So, from getting drenched in school uniform to making boats, it used to be fun. Rains in Kerala begin with cooking and eating various dishes that are made from jackfruit. We love having chakka upperi (Jackfruit chips), Jackfruit Halwa, Jackfruit Adda while also having hot porridge. Apart from this, we have a culture of getting involved in ayurvedic treatment. As the body gets cool, we prefer to get a hot oil massage to keep ourselves warm. You can observe such hot oil massages happening at the ayurvedic centers while we locals do it at our homes. Oftentimes, ayurvedic medicines are infused in food for nerve opening, skin renewal, and neuro relief. So, monsoons for us also mean an overall body refreshment and a warm treatment.

Priya Thomas, 21, Kottayam

From jumping in the rainwaters to eating snacks, Priya remembers monsoons

A plethora of thoughts flows in my mind when I think of the monsoon. In Kerala, it’s divine, and it’s like romanticizing amidst the greenery. The smell of petrichor (mud), when raindrops fall on the land, is something that captivates and freshens my senses. I am also fond of listening to the sound that rain makes. Moreover, it’s mostly, during this time, I love to play in rainwater and jump from one puddle to another so that I can feel the splash of water on my legs. It also reminds me of my “partner in crime”, with who I enjoy the most. I can also not forget some mouth-watering hot snacks like samosas and pakoras, prepared by my mother. This is also the time, we have gatherings followed by some good chit-chats. Monsoons in Kerala make my days, and I eagerly wait for them every year.

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