Instagram store 'The Paintaholic' creates beautiful customised paintings on wood, and it would be an ideal gift for your loved ones!

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Instagram store 'The Paintaholic' creates beautiful customised paintings on wood, and it would be an ideal gift for your loved ones!

Krishna S, a resident of Kerala, runs 'The Paintaholic', where you can get one of the best customised wooden portraits, paintings, and fridge magnets.

Painting is one of the mediums of communication that has infinite meanings hidden in it. As one looks more, it fills the mind with a sense of wonder. Such an artist who creates magic with her art is Krishna S from Kerala. Being an expert in painting on wooden logs, Krishna, through her Instagram store, 'The Paintaholic' offers mesmerising wooden portraits.


Wooden portrait with floral background Source

Opened on a trial basis in 2019, the store has now gained popularity on Instagram due to unique styled wooden fridge magnets and portraits.


Galaxy themed wooden portrait Source

"I had not planned to open a digital store. Though, I started it as a trial and error method to showcase my artwork and developed my style gradually", Krishna says.

Wood and Wool


Wood and wool couple fridge magnets Source

The young artist who works in an IT firm creates a distinctive art by combining wood log painting with wool and fills those paintings with a life.

From wooden portraits in the galaxy theme to couple fridge magnets, the shop is a one-stop destination for all artistic expression.


Wooden portrait desk painting Source

In addition to this, Krishna's store also offers customisation in wooden portrait desk paintings. The buyers of the store often order such paintings to gift to their loved ones.

Dealing with patience

However, making space for this style was not easy for Krishna. She says that running the whole business by herself was not very easy for her, and nor was the journey.


"Dealing with clients online is sometimes a major challenge", she says. "However, patience and belief in my work made me continue it," she adds.

The Instagram page of the store received much popularity during the pandemic, as Krishna focused more on her brand during this time.


Water colour couple illustration Source

While the current products can be bought at an average price of Rs 1,000 to 1,500, Krishna is planning to indulge herself in another medium like digital illustrations.

"I will start working on other mediums and will start my official website sometime soon", she says.

Visit her Instagram page here and check out what's new out there!

Instagram: Paintaholic

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