Check out how this Engineer-turned crafter built Womenaura that offers customized gifts!

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Check out how this Engineer-turned crafter built Womenaura that offers customized gifts!

Read below the story of Nidhi Dokania who owns 'Womenaura' and offers one of the best-customized products.

They always say, "There is no fixed time to discover a passion for something." And, they say it right. Nidhi Dokania realised that her passion was in crafting during the last days of her Engineering studies. Soon after, she opened a digital store, 'Womenaura' to serve people, the best hand-lettered gifts.


From cutest bride-groom badges to elegant gift baskets, Nidhi Dokania's two-women army store is a go-to gift shop for every occasion. Do you know who is her business partner? Her mom! "I have grown up crafting and all thanks to my mom, she says. She also says that she still remembers how her mom used to do all her school art projects. "She is the creative one who unknowingly led me into it and is now a partner," Nidhi adds.

She says that she always takes 30- 40 orders of gifts in a month since she just works with her mom. However, the duo never forgets to put a personal touch in all their gift orders. "I create each piece with an intention that makes people happy to keep it. Most of my products have a hand-lettered element in them that stands out, Nidhi says.


'Womenaura' deals with a large variety of products. Wedding boxes, musical frames, and customized masks are some of the best of all. The best part lies with the fact that the store has products of all prices. You can easily get stuff starting from Rs 100-150 to 5000-10000. Also, Nidhi keeps her customers on priority as she says that she lets the customer decide the price range. "Most of the products are customized. So, we prefer leaving it to our clients to decide their price range. And, we customize accordingly," the Bengaluru resident adds.

However, the crafting was not Nidhi's initial calling. She always wanted to become an Engineer and had got into college too. "During my first year, I started creating gifts for friends. I received a lot of appreciation for those gifts. Eventually, I realized that I liked it a lot, she says.


After completing the studies, she got into an IT company that she says was not her place. "I got decent pay in the company but it didn’t seem like the best place to be. I was there for 2 years until I gathered some investment to start my own company," she said.

Nidhi believes that the reason why she could pursue her passion is her hard work. "I start from 4:30 am and work for 10-12 hours, at least, she says. She also plans to start a creative studio in Bengaluru to employ people in the difficult time of the pandemic.

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