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Mishkaat Imrani
Aug 06, 2021 09:16 IST
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We are back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these online workshops this week and add a dash of creativity to your week!

Learn painting, storytelling, make your own eco-friendly Ganesha, or maybe learn about indigo dyeing with these online workshops this week. Keep your creative juices flowing, try something new, add a new skill, and unleash your creative side!

1. Mandala workshop by Studio Tina Shaema

Tina Sharma is a self-taught Mandala artist and coach. In this online workshop, she will teach the basics of the mandala, construction of the grid & plan a Mandala painting, and how to combine patterns within the grid to create fabulous and unique Mandala painting. 

When: 14th August

For details tap here.

2. Storytelling workshop by Mehek Mirza Prabhu

Learn the art of storytelling with Mehek Mirza Prabhu, a storyteller, writer, TEDx speaker, performer, and tutor. Her stories online have reached more than 25 Million listeners over various social media handles. Her work is remarkable, and so there's a lot to learn in this online workshop!

When: 15th August

Tap here for details.

3. Eco-friendly Ganesha workshop by Mularambh


Celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way, and make your own Ganesha in this 2-hour workshop. Here, you'll be guided to make a ShriGanesha idol using clay with your hands. You will be able to make the basic structure, the face, the trunk, modelling the hands, adding ornaments, joining the 2 parts, and other details. Sign up!

When: 14th August

Tap here for details.

4. Miniature food workshop with Tany Tales

Tanima, aka Tany Tales, is a self-taught miniature artist, and her miniature skills are flawless. Take your love for the food to another level, and learn to make some delicious-looking miniature food items with her in this workshop.

When: 10th August

Tap here for details.

5. Indigo dyeing workshop with Heena Agrima

Learn the art of dying with Heena Agrima, a fashion/textile designer and a natural dyer. This is a 2-day workshop where you will learn about the history of Indigo dyeing, cultures, types of Indigo plants, technicalities of color extraction from Indigo, and almost everything about dyeing. Register if you love everything Royal Blue!

When: 14th and 15th August

Tap here for details.

6. Dance workshop by Nrityagana

It's a delight to watch Lasya Mavillapalli dance. She is a classical dancer, curator, choreographer, and storyteller. Lasya has 8.6k subscribers on her YouTube channel and she is here to teach you how dance and storytelling are connected and you will get to create your own नाtya Kaथा post/reel at the end of this session. How cool is that? Sign up!!

When: 14th August

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7. Painting workshop by Harshini Murugesan

In this online workshop, artist Harshini Murugesan will teach you how to prepare surfaces for acrylic painting, painting techniques, colour selection, and how to make sustainable products. It's time to be sustainable with art and attend this online workshop!

When: 15th August

DM for details.

8. Healthy Pizza crusts workshop by Chef Riddhi Masood

Who doesn't love pizza! But, we also can't deny the fact that it is not very healthy and counted as junk food. But, wait my dear pizza freak! You can learn to bake 4 different healthy pizza crusts in this online workshop by Chef Riddhi Masood. Hurry up, sign up and eat!

When: 8th August

Get in touch on 9920464566

9. Egg free baking workshop by Manasa's Delight

Not a fan of eggs? Then check this online workshop where you will learn to make 8 egg-free bakes from Manasa, a HomeBaker, confectioner, and food science student. Treat your sweet tooth and bake some hearty goods!

When: 10th and 11th August

Get in touch on 6382504684

10. Self grooming makeup workshop by Aditi Shah

Self-grooming is important as it has the power to make you feel comfortable and confident. Makeup expert Aditi Shah is here to help you with how to present yourself, do self makeup, learn tips and tricks. Rock that first impression while helping others as Aditi will give the 100% of the money made from this workshop directly to the Indian Army.

When: 15th August

DM here.

So, which one of these online workshops this week you are signing up for?

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