Mumbai's first and oldest lingerie shop 'Khamisa' is still a go-to store for many locals!

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Mumbai's first and oldest lingerie shop 'Khamisa' is still a go-to store for many locals!

Opened by Mr.Abubakar Khamisa in 1910, this iconic lingerie shop has customers not only from Mumbai but also from Rajasthan and Delhi. From old, vintage-style granny bras to the very modern ones, Khamisa has something for everybody in the store.

Located on the busy streets of Crawford Market, Khamisa is one of Mumbai's oldest shops that has been serving female patrons with its good-quality lingerie collection for over 100 years. It was started by Abubakar Khamisa in 1910 and was a store that would stock garments for both women and children. " We used to sell raincoats for kids, stocking corsets, and petticoats for women, but after my father saw the increased demand for lingerie, he turned it into a lingerie-only store in the 1950s", says Abubakar Ajmer Wala, great-grandson of Mr. Abubakar Khamisa.



Mr. Abubakar, who is now 45, started working in Khamisa when he was in 10th grade. He is currently running the shop with his father and his 2 younger brothers. Just like how Khamisa has been running for generations, similarly, its customer base is also generations old. "There are many people who tell us about how their grandmother used to buy from us. There are various families who still visit us, and they reminisce about how their elders used to purchase from us. We feel glad to meet them, and appreciate that they have an attachment and respect for our shop.", says Abubakar.

With time, Khamisa has changed itself as per the needs of the market and its customers. It is now stocked with imported lingerie brands like Lovable, Jockey, Enamour, and more such 30-35 brands. Unlike other shops in the market, Khamisa is a store that has an all-male team and helps the customers find the best product without making them feel uncomfortable.



Even though in the last decade, Mumbai has seen a rise in different stores, Khamisa still remains a favorite of many people. They have two more branches in Mumbai. One of them is next door while the other is in Bandra. " In the last 25 years, the lingerie industry has seen a lot of development. There are different types of fabric, patterns, and laces. In fact, the way customers select things has improved. Every quarterly we keep changing things.", says Abubakar.

Khamisa rotates its stock in case something is not sold for too long. They send the old pieces back to the companies, so everyone is glad. Along with the modern bras, and other lingerie products, Khamisa also has a range of plain granny bras as they have buyers from all age groups.



Even in the era of online shopping, there are various shops and stores that urge people to leave their homes and buy the product in-store. Khamisa is one such brand that will help you find the best fit. They have more than 30 brands, and so if you are on a shopping hunt next time, visit them once. They are also doing home delivery, but we say, visit them and listen to its history from the owners.

Where: 172, Hira Building, Shop No 7, L T Marg, Crawford Market


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